Yellow spots on leaves

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  1. 69B0D214-358B-4717-8504-27E51A838018.jpeg A5A5BFD4-2F14-45A4-B119-631C38A384A1.jpeg 33A70F36-74AF-446A-ACE3-A15980DA3CBB.jpeg 76CAB8FF-4959-4945-88A4-F9C10660C90F.jpeg 302120F6-5A54-4855-B6B8-0A1832DCA7C7.jpeg weird yellow spots appearing on my leaves, did some research and found out it can be a couple things
    —potassium deficiency
    —calcium deficiency
    —-manganese deficiency
    —heat stress
    Or leaf septoria(although i highly doubt its this but it might be)
    Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. Some of those look like burns from feed splash or leftover foliar spray that's a little 'hot'.

    Whenever I water feed, I always spray my plants after to wash any solution off the leaves. Once they are bigger it doesn't happen because there's more room to water under them.

    Babies also sometimes just get weird little anomalies and trying to keep them not too dry and not too wet can be tricky, both of which can show symptoms. Too dry of soil does weird things to leaves. Too dry of an organic mix can do weird things. Too wet of soil with babies does weird things....locks out some nutes, screws with pH etc.

    They don't look bad. Just next feed, be sure to water to runoff with a balanced solution. And if using chemical nutes, always go no more than half the suggested feed amount, and if they handle it, think about maybe going higher later. But often manufacturers recommend stupid strengths. General Hydroponics is terrible for that.

    I think they'll be ok.

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