Yellow spots on leaves. Is it the different soil?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ghostface, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. Hi. I have 7 plants each around a month old under flouresent lights, I'm getting them ready to be taken outside, so every day for the last 3 days I have taken them outside. Yesterday I noticed some yellow spots on the second true set of leaves on the the biggest plant, today they have increased and the second biggest has also started to get them. It's a dull yellow, and looks like a rash. The two infected are both in a different compost from the others. The compost they are in is significantly lighter than the other type, which is for seedlings and young plants. The compost from the 2 'rash' plants is also alot thiner with know lumps. Could you please help me to find out why these spots are coming up, and if it has anything to do with the compost/soil they are in. Maybee they need some nutriants? Also why should they be bigger in the lighter compost, but have spots?
    Thanks for any help. Cheers, -Ghost.

    ps. unfortunatly the bags do not tell me what's in the soil/compost.
  2. Without pictures I would say that the spots are caused by improper drainage or not enough oxygen or airation to the roots. Try adding some more perlight or peat moss or coconut coir to loosen soil add drainage and airation. It could also be caused by hard water(City water with chlorine)

    Good luck,
  3. thanks for your reply. For more discription, the rash is only on the lower leaves. It is a dull yellow colour, a little brown infact. It also only seems to be around the edges of the leaves. The rash is like lots of bigish spots (can't realy explain size!) some have joined each other to make it look like a joined rash. It's like these parts of the leaf are dead. I hope this can help a little more.

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