Yellow spots on leaves 40 days into flowering

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  1. a majority of my plants now have some yellowing spots on their leaves and seems to be spreading wondering what exactly it is and how to fix it?? attached are pictures of the leaves also have seen dead gnats on leaves directly below lights. Thnks for responses in advance

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  2. temps stay around 78 degrees when lights are on and 73 when off, humidity goes from 45-55 % close to the ocean... all in soil
  3. Looks like they got burned by the light bulb.Or you can add some gardenlime..
  4. You think I should pull the lights back then or disregard it as not really a big deal an leave as is ?
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    Excuse the post. Wrong thread. Mi2
  6. what strain is it? because thats super dark green for day 40. could be too much N.

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