Yellow spots on leafs

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  1. Hi guys, so i'm brand new at growing, and I've recently started noticing these yellow brownish spots on my leafs. I believe it's a lack of nutrient but I'm unsure of which nutrient.

    If you guys could help me figure this out and best method to fix this issue, I'd very much appreciate it.

    Edit: I should have mentioned. It's outdoors in a greenhouse that i built. I planted them with soil, and compost, and I have a moisture/ ph meter in the ground to let me know how much moisture there is so when to plant them.

    Thanks :)

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  2. Have you checked around for bugs and other pests, such as caterpillars, slugs, snails, etc? A closeup, clear pic of the whole plant with better lighting would help.
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    No worries, here's 4 more pics.

    I find the bugs aren't too much of a problem. i'll see that odd fly or two sometimes but otherwise don't seem to be abundant

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  4. Thanks for the pics, but some pests/bugs are too tiny to see even with the naked eye, much less with pics. Some come out at night, so it's hard to find them on your leaves when you're there to check them. Do you have something like a jewelers loupe? Maybe you can check the leaves more carefully. Outdoor growing has a tendency to attract all kind of pests.
  5. I don't, but i'll invest in one right away and check. If it is tiny little bugs, what's the best solution for it?
  6. Have a look at this article here and go through the list as you're diagnosing your leaves. Also tells you how to deal with them and prevent them from coming back. Good luck.

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