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Yellow Spots..Mold? Please help

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by IsaacHaze, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. so I have about an ounce that is in a mason jar. its been in there for about a week and when I took a look at it yesterday there are little tiny clusters of yellow spots on the bud. could this be mold? ill try and get a pic up.
  2. A pic through a microscope of the yellow spots would be ideal, but from your description it sounds like some sort of mold.

    Is the seal aroudn the lid of your mason jar in tact?


    Smoking mold will put spores into your lungs. Do you know what anthrax 'poisoning' is? Its spores in your lungs.

    The only option you have is to cook with it (and make sure teh recipe you choose calls for baking over 200* for more then 10 minutes.
  3. im pretty sure the seal on the jars is ok. the yellow spots dont seem to have spread over yesterday and today but ill see tomorrow. are you saying i can die from smoking this or just get an infection or what? hopefully i will have a new supply sometime this week so i wont be forced to smoke this.

    i forgot to mention that these yellow spots can just be rubbed off. should i do that? is there anything i can do or am i doomed?
  4. can someone give me a link to a cannabudder recipe. ill use that option too.
  5. from wiki "Cannabutter is an oil/fat/butter based solution which has been infused with cannabinoids. This is achieved by heating the raw cannabis along with the oil or butter and allowing the cannabinoids (THC and others) to be extracted by the fat. The exact procedure for this varies greatly. The equipment necessary for the manufacture of cannabutter can be as simple as a sauce pan and spatula or as complicated as a double-boiler, or crock pot, and cheese cloth and funnel.

    Another way to produce cannabutter is to boil a large pan of water and then add a block of butter and add cannabis trimmings (the leaves and stalks). The water stops the THC from being damaged by heat as the mixture will never reach over 100 C. After half an hour or so of boiling sieve the mixture to remove the leaves and cool the liquid in a fridge. When it has cooled you are left with a potent layer of cannabutter on top of dirty water.

    The flavor and color of the oil or butter used are changed depending on the method used."
  6. I've smoked VERY moldy weed before, and I'm still alive. The only thing is that I have a few friends that accompany me wherever I go now (little pimples in my tongue). Yes, I've got fungus growing in my tongue :wave:.
  7. good thing i didnt smoke too much of it. right after my last post i called one of my boys who had a brownie recipe. ive been eating weed-brownie batter all day.

    the end.

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