yellow spot on plant

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  1. Hi all I just found a really small yellow spot on one of my leafs and a yellow tip, ph levels, are all good and ive checked for insects. I dont know what it could be. I had a temperature problem the other day where it went to 87? anyway the tip of the leaf has now turned black and hasnt done anything since however the other yellow spot is still there?
    I had the leafs drooping this morning but it could be because they wanted water.
    the yellow spot is slightly down from the middle of the picture and you can see where the tip has turned black on the same leaf
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    Cheers :)
  2. over watering or nitrogen deficiency
  3. plants behaving like underwatered, but the soil not being dry could indeeed be overwatering. always let the soil dry out at least an inch deep before you water again. defenitly not nitrogen deficiency though, if it was that, your whole leaves (from the bottom of the plant up) would be turning yellow and eventually brown, but not black.
    oh one more thing, what kind of soil are you using?

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