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  1. say if i used yellow spec cfls for vegging rather than blue would it keep my plant small and bushy
    just a quick question thats been on my mind :)
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    Define yellow spectrum? Is that >6500k?
  3. Definitely not. Blue spectrum will keep your plant short and bushy. If your using cfls keeping them close as you can will keep them short. Also its totally strain depended are you growing indica or sativa? The reason we use yellow spectrum is because it similates winter outdoor in an indoor enviroment. The plant realizes that it will die soon because winter is coming and that is why the buds are produced. This causes the plants to reach for sunlight because the days are shorter and there is less light and also a change in spectrum.

    Sorry if that was wordy but understanding the cycle of nature is key to learning the process of growing. Good luck and grasscity is the place to be for help!
  4. ok thanks moshi1ry
    the plant that i am growing is a indica about 3 1/2 weeks old and very short and bushy thought it might be because i am using 2700k cfls because couldnt find anywhere that sells 6500k
  5. wall mart has both, lsting will hold them as low as u want, just wrap them around the pot. ya want 6500k for veg and 2700 for flower or close as u can get 3000k, 5000k will work and lowes generally have those
  6. not in the US thats why its soo hard
  7. ahh well they can be grown with those but honestly i wouldnt expect a whole lot. Honestly where i think cfls lack is in the flowering stage. Ive seen great veg growth through both mh and 5600k bulbs about equal honestly. But bud with an hps are far superior imo to cfls. Might want to look into some hid instead of cfls.

    Also i would try to choose a strain that finishes fast that way there will be less need for veg light.
  8. right, hps much better to flower but....hes askin about cfls

  9. right and i answered and gave him a proper response thanks!
  10. You can supplemet your blue spectrum with some red spectrum for good veg. All blue works, but a lil red really goes far!
  11. i can use hps for flower but electric bills will go up and heat would be harder to control, is there much of a difference or about 10-20 grams
  12. this my results using red spectrum 2700k cfl for veg, nodes are tight and no stretching
    want to know is this ok, growth normal because is quite short(1/2 a ft) for age 3 1/2 weeks
  13. anyone....?
    help is appreciated :)

  14. There is quite a bit of difference between hps and cfls imo. Now your electric bill is really only as high as you want to make it. 100 watts per plant is the general rule but more is always better. Honestly your electric bill barely increases maybe 20-40 more a month depending on what light you use. But even if you only got an extra 7 grams out of the hps it would still be far superior and your buds would look better. If you have the means and money go mh/hps or even look into some LEDS if your worried about heat and electricity.

    What you invest now will determine the overall quality of what you smoke always keep that in mind when setting up a new grow. I would try to save money on nutrients additives water cheap but reliable ph meter. I would not try to save money though when your looking at getting lights fans etc.
  15. ok mosh thanks for that
    i will just use hps for flowering, your right how much i put in determines how much i get out but using cfls 5600k for vegging would be alright instead of mh or is mh the one to get.
    Because i dont have a MH at all.
  16. 5600k for veg is perfectly fine to start with. Maybe in a few grows you might want to upgrade but this way you get best of both worlds and honestly hps are not to expensive anymore.
  17. yh thanks buddy
    take it easy :smoking:
  18. Mh makes for great vegging but will not only make a little more heat than cfls or t5s but also makes your nodes a bit farther apart. at least thats what ive heard about the nodes. I use t5s so I could only advise on those
  19. my nodes are very tight using 2700k cfl

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