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Yellow Shit In Bowl After Smoking, Sprayed Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by yeah123yeah, Jun 8, 2013.

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  2. Also the bud had a very weak smells if that helps, it didn't smell like any chemicals or anything but it just had a weak smell...
  3. Any pics? Pics would help big time

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  4. Does it feel moist? Maybe it's uncured. The yellow looks like res. and dealers just throw names out there bro unless they know the grower.
  5. looks like the kind to me. you in uk?
  6. the bud looks good and your bowl looks like it has some new clean resin on it.  Resin isn't always black.
  7. OK, thats good to here. It was just that this guy seemed a bit sketchy. And yeah it feels a bit moist so I guess it not smelling and that could mean its uncured. So do you think i should smoke it? I have about 5 grams left and this is my only connect so i was really hoping it would be good...
  8. also in the picture you can see the ashes are black, i heard that can be because of other stuff being put on the weed
  9. Bro you're good. That happens all the time but its more noticeable on metal pieces. Its pretty much resin.
  10. A thin layer of resin will often look yellow-brownish. It's not until it builds up more that it starts looking black.
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    ok thanks for the replies
  12. It's probably resin from smoke that settled in your bowl.

    When I smoke hashish off a nickle, a tan/yellow residue builds up under the chunk of hash and its quite potent if you smoke a hash oil I guess.


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