Yellow Seedling

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by jj420aded, Oct 28, 2014.

  1. Have a 2 week old auto sour disel an the lowest leaves where it sprouts out of are starting to turn yellow an all the other leaves look like a pale green. Is it possible it need nutrients so young there in a 5 gallon bucket

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  2. Yeah I would be starting to give it its first nutes now mate....small amount to begin with though. 
  3. What kind of soil is it in?
  4. if soil has nutes might not need to feed just yet
  5. It's an organic soil I get from the hardware store ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1414546255.281976.jpg

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    It has all that in it

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    I have a auto berry growing an it doesn't look like that

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  6. It doesn't seem you should need to add nutes for a month or so. Picture of plant?
  7. I'll post one when lights comeon

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  8. Unless you put it in a tiny foam cup it shouldnt need nutes. Those leaves that died are cotyledons and they should provide enough nourishment for A few sets of leaves to form.
  9. It's in a 5 gal the leaves u r tlking about have turned yellow an the wrest look like there a yellow or pail green

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  10. Just a guess but they need plenty of light to even turn green.
  11. I have a 600 hps/metal aloyd

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  12. Still hoping to see a picture get put up it will make fighting is out so much easier. It can be caused by overwatering for sure, the roots sit in the water with no 02 getting to them an they rot out slime over. The whole plant is effected by it causing yellowing generally sad looking Mary Jane plants...
  13. Sorry about not puting a pic up yet tmntgrower I forgot but definitely tonigt

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    If its in a five gallon pot and its a seedling, you probably overwatered it. A coffee cup is often too much water For a seedling. Most new growers waterlog, causing root rot. But im not gonna guess anymore without a pic :p
  15. If over watering cause yellowing than I think that might be it I started using twice as much water as normal bcuz size of pot

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  16. Thatll do it donkey, thatll do.
  17. I also just notice a lot of these little whit bugs that jump a lot I posted pics of bugs in sic plants thread. Should I posted it here problem would of got faster response

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  18. Springtails :smoke:

    No biggie. Theyre harmless in my experience.

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