Yellow seedling!

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  1. Please help! my seedling has been doing great up until today it is about 12 days old from sprout. Okay so when I checked on it today after I had watered it early this morning the leaves are getting yellowish, also one of my leaves in the second stack high (the one pointing down) is slightly deformed, it didn't seem like a problem before but now im wondering. last question I have is on the new growth, the leaf pointing down in the + sign sprouted a smaller leaf on each side of it, at the same level. the other leaf pointing upwards in the + sign doesnt have these 2 new leaves sprouting, is this a problem??? my bottom to first leaves dont have these side leaves either. the only leaf with these side leaves is the one pointing down in the + sign that looks slightly deformed, and the highest two leaves pointing left and right have very very small starts to side leaves. WHAT IS WRONG!!! im really worried that the leaves are starting to turn yellow and I dont know whats wrong.

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  2. It's fine. Give it chance to grow man, don't worry too much don't water it too much don't check on it every 5 minutes just let her do her thing.
  3. Yeah just leave her alone and do her thing bro!
  4. Soils texture seems nice,plant also looks almost healthy :) ,but kinda little for 12 days.Are u growing indoor?
  5. yes indoor grow under 6 x 23 watt 5000k cfls my soil is 25% perlite 25% peat moss 50% miracle grow I have been watering with water bottles with 1 drop of superthrive added
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    The problem is the "Miracle Grow",it has all the wrong nutrients for growing weed.Check out,and search for soils.They explain why miracle grow sucks and what you can do to get you plants back on track.Also,just because your using bottled water does not mean that the Ph does not need to be adjusted.Change your soil and buy a Ph tester kit.When growing in soil you Ph needs to be between 6.0/7.0.
  7. I have my plant in a mix of 50% miracle grow potting soil 25% miracle grow perlite 25% peat moss. My plant is currently under 6 x 23watt 5000k daylight cfl's. I am running an 18/6 veg cycle and this seedling is 2 weeks old from sprouting. My temperatures range from 74-88 degrees fahrenheit. My plant has been doing good until the past few days, the lower leaves have lost their bright green color and are getting somewhat yellowish as well as looking a little droopy. I watered with 2 water bottles each with a drop of superthrive on about day 10 and then since my soil was dry about an inch down I watered again with just one water bottle with a drop of superthrive on about day 12. I havent watered yet and plan on watering today on the very beggining of the 15th day cycle with a water bottle, and no superthrive. Also I'm concerned if my growth is where it should be at 2 weeks from sprout, I dont know if my plant is a little small... Last im worried about some deformed leaves, if you look at the second stack up (not counting the beginner leaves) the leaf pointing down is shaped weird and it has been like this since it grew, i'm wondering if this is a problem, last, the leaf that is shaped weirdly has two little side leafs coming out of it(similar to the ones at the top of the plant), and the leaf on the same level, opposite from it (pointing up) does not have these two side leafs?? am i experiencing growth problems? what can I do!

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  8. Get rid of the Miracle-Grow or you will be posting in here daily asking for help. It actually looks pretty damn good considering your soil. Get some premium soil and it will make your grow so much easier.

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