Yellow seedling - Not sure why`

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Slypknow, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Environment:
    400w HPS - approx 18inches above plants
    465CFM fan for exhaust
    Temp average 81-90F
    Nutes: None yet
    Plant Strain: No clue, pulled a few seeds out of bag of regs for testing prior to using good quality seeds.
    Age of plant: Approx 2 weeks including germination
    Soil type: Potting soil (no nutes included)
    Watering: Once a day (in the morning)
    pH : 5.5-6.5 (using cheap pH meter, diff readings in diff areas of soil)

    Alrighty - I'm a first timer here and not exactly sure what is wrong, but it appears that something is. Is it because I have not added any nutes yet? After all the reading I've done I was waiting to start nutes until about 3 weeks into growing - however, this little lady looks pretty odd to me even for it's age.

    Any experience, guidance or suggestions is EXTREMELY appreciated!!!

  2. Hi Slyp,
    No don't give it nutes yet. Your temperatures are a bit high. Also if your ph is 5.5 that is too low for soil as well; 6.5 is ok. Does the plant need water every time you water it? The soil should be dry down to about an inch before watering it. It seems as if you might be watering it too much.
  3. Those type of meters are usless get a test strip kit and measure your runoff water and a little less watering
  4. well with no nutes in soil, i would go with heat stress/overwatering.

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