Yellow roots in dwc

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  1. I am growing in DWC. I just had a high humidity issue for about a month, I just chopped one plant because it had grey mold. There is no sign of mold on any others (they are younger not much budding going on yet) but I did find shriveled up leaves turning black and dead. I pruned all the dead stuff off, defoliated them, and the humidity is under control at 50 now.

    I'm noticing my roots are yellowing. They were pearly white.

    Anyone got any ideas? Is it from the mold problem, or maybe the nutes? This is my first hydro grow, not sure if it's suppose to be like this.

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  2. Cold pressed neem oil, should fix any future mold or bug concerns,

    as for the yellow roots ...

    as you have removed many leaves, not that much nute is required..

    think about that?

    flush you rez circulate with fresh air temp water

    re amend with the same nutes with 20-30% less

    good luck
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