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Discussion in 'Coco Coir' started by Calvin Kirk, Jan 5, 2016.

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    Take a look at the pics, they are six weeks old. I'm following Ask Ed's Coco Guide.

    I feed with one liter every few days when they feel lightish. I use 3ml of cana feed per liter 1.5ml of A and 1.5ml of B. The water is PHd to 5.8. I add a little epsom salts to the mix (thinking the yellowing was caused by mag def), in total my feed is 1000ppm. The magnesium doesn't seem to make any difference.

    Any ideas? I ordered a soil ph tester, it will be here by Friday.


  2. It might be an Iron deficiency. If I were you I'd give them a good flush with a 50% strength mix just in case it is a salt buildup issue that is causing nutrient lockout, then spray them with a foliar feed that contains micro-nutrients like Spray-N-Grow, Floralicious plus from GH, or something similar. Then do the next watering like you normally would.
  3. It can't be a salt buildup, they went yellow as soon as I transplanted the cuttings into clean coco (six weeks ago), I used a very weak nut solution to water them at this stage, but they went yellow right away.. The thing is, the cutting grew in soil, not coco.

    I got a cheap soil PH meter, don't know if it's working tbh but it says the soil is 6.8, I'll water then recheck, I don't know if moist coco is required. Even after watering, it's still 6.8.

    Also at week 4 I gave them all a double (2L) watering with pure ph'd water.

    Do you still recommend a flush?
  4. I think my PH mater may be giving me a false reading, I'll try PHing the water to 5.3, and maybe the coco PH will become 6.3. The PH seems to increase by 1.0 when it goes into the coco.
  5. Nitrogen Dif bro.

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  6. Wavo is needs to be 5.9-6.0 at this stage . Flush then good feed. Get rid of the Epsom salts. Get some cal-mag. 1 ml per litre.

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