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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by gord420, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. Hey guys I have a 5 foot tall 3-4 weeks into flowering Sativa in a 5 Gallon bucket and the leaves lately have been turning yellow and falling off quite easily does anyone know what this could be from Im worried that by the end of flowering there will be no leaves left. Im feeding it with miracle grow ultrabloom 15 52 15 about once every 2 weeks and im giving it 2 litres of water every couple days 3-4. How much water do plants need once they start flowering? Am I maybe giving it not enough water for the size of plant compared to the pot? would not giving it enough water make the leaves fall off? The usual temperature around here is 25 - 30 celcius mid afternnoon. also the stems on the bottom hardly have any buds on them at all compared to the tops and it gets good light most of the day all around it.

    I would post pictures but all i have is pictures of the tops and most of this yellowing and such is occuring from the bottom up.
  2. Mine do the same thing. Hot days cause it, over ferts cause it also. Could be root bound. Use less ferts on hot days, plants cant absorb nutes at the same rate when its hot and they get burnt. Plants will drop lower and interior fan leaves first.
    If it is root bound try adding Sensizyme (Advanced Nutrients) as it breaks down old root mass. My 6 to 7 foot plants in pots drop leaves and scare me but they seem to grow back with a vengence when conditions are right.
  3. I am as well about 3-4 weeks into flowering and one of my plants has yellowing greenish leaves. I fert only ever 2 days with all organic fert and water more heavely on days i am not feeding. My tops look great and are sugar coated, but the leaves are pretty much all like that, not falling off, but they scare me. i did a search on plant problems, and found it could be nitrogen deficiency? but this cant be do to the stage its in it doesnt need nitrogen?:eek:
  4. Lack of nitrogen. Give them some nutrients with a good amount in it and theyll bounce right back.
  5. u sure about the nitrogen, they arent in veg anymore, it has crystal covered buds.
  6. Wouldn't the plant slow down in flowering if I switched back to a 24-8-16 fertilizer with more nitrogen for just one watering
  7. same thing happened to my 1st ever good burst of N at 4 weeks flower and my problem was solved...just one...good luck
    all i did was add 1 tablespoon urine to 1 gal worked...cheers
  8. Yes, I am sure. Just because the plant is in flower doesnt mean it doesnt need anymore nitrogen. It is still an important element of growth no matter what stage you are in. Dont switch back to your vegging ferts. Give your plants a 50/50 mix of flowering and vegging ferts for a week and they should be back to normal.

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