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Yellow lighters

Discussion in 'General' started by kindbudhero, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Any one here have that superstition that smoking with a yellow lighter will bring bad luck to the people in the seesion i got a buddie taht refuse's to smoke witha yellow lighter and we all just followed suit.
  2. i heard white lighter. but i dont believe it. also dont break bud up on a $5 bill. but i dont believe any of this
  3. i have a black bic. i like a dark lighter. purple is cool too.:smoke:
  4. me neither i am smoking with a yellow lighter right know
  5. i never buy white lighters always black or green
  6. Im not real concerned with such superstitions, but for some reason yellow is my favorite color for lighters other than the ones with designs. maybe its cus i have so many good memories with yellow bics, idk.
  7. I never buy white lighters either, bad luck. I buy blue lighters :smoke:
  8. Around here its a white lighter thats bad luck. I firmly belive in it, as I have just reason to.

    The first time I used a white lighter it was back in high school freshmen or sophmore year, I dont quite recall exactly. Me and two other kids were blazed like a g and set out for class. We didn't even make it half way before we were found out, the vice principal said, "I smell pot, follow me." About ten-fifteen minutes later we were all in the office and my freind ended up getting thrown out of school.

    Next time, it was the only lighter I had and my mom caught me blazin' in the bathroom.

    I just dont know why, its always bad when I use em.

    Through out the years I have found the only way I can use a white lighter without bad luck is when thats the ONLY lighter around, including zippos and such and I must appologize profusely to the stoner gods or else I shall feel thier wrath and be smote most terribly.

    I am dead serious when I say, fuck white lighters.

    But yellows chill!

    PS. Yo sorry for rambling, im really high.
  9. Never heard of superstitions like that, but do whatever feels right (or whatever doesn't feel wrong). Don't like yellow lighters? Hey, that's cool. I won't use one if it freaks ya out. I buy the mini-green ones anyway.

    I'm in such a chill mood right now...
  10. I hang out with a bunch of people who get really pissed off if you use a mini. Honestly I love minis, they just seem so right for a stoner. But other than that, nah, I've never heard anything against yellow or white; although I only buy blue lighters.
  11. i only use orange so it doesnt matter about others anyway
  12. i buy all kinds of bic lighters, but i have a outter case that slips over all of them that's got a playboy bunny on it, so mines sexy.
  13. i can use and orange lighter but if i buy it i will lose it. i also know someone who doesnt use red or green lighters
  14. Personally I use orange and black lighters, but i lost my black one in my room, so im using my orange on for now.
  15. fu ck superstition haha
    I broke up bud on a 5 dollar bill at a party, nothin really bad happened to me. I love my green bic, it doesnt do much except light my blunts/ joints and cigs.

    people shouldnt worry about stuff like this.
  16. Well, this actually reminds me of this really stupid, fucked up story I had to read in English Comp II called the Lottery.. it was about this town that had this yearly ritual where everyone had to draw a piece of paper from this old black falling apart box. The head of each family drew first, and one paper had a black dot on it. The family that got the black dot each had to draw again, and one of the members of that family would get another black dot. Now basically the town had been doing this since it was founded hundreds of years ago, but no one really knew WHY they did this, but everyone went along with it anyways, but the fucked up part is that whoever drew the black dot was stoned to death by the whole town. Anyways, don't ask me WHY this thread made me think of that... it just did. :D

    ~ Terpsichore
  17. what a great post to bring back old memories...i remmber that story from like middle school or something haha wow i cant believe i remembered that....anyway back to the topic of the thread...i dont really have a suerstition for lighters but when i do have the choice i like to buy either a white lighter or a bic with a decorative design on theoutside and peel it off. I do this because i usually keep my lighters around a while and have not loss many, so i like to hold it up in the light and see how much fluid i have left and make sure i dotn get caught short
  18. i just use whatever's lying around...even matches...nasty tastin but they get the job done
  19. i never get whites or yellows, not becasue i am superstitious, but because they are ugly as fuck.
  20. Oddly enough, those 2 colors are my fav orite :( (white is #1, then yellow, then black)
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