Yellow Leaves!!!!!!

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sleepycity718, May 31, 2006.

  1. my two bottom leaves are turning yellow!!!!! is that bad? whats going on? (the first two leaves of the plant), ohh and by the way its been 2 and a half weeks and the only thing ive been giving my plant is water. it has 14 big leaves and more is coming out. please help. i try to describe it cause my camara doesnt work.
  2. By first two leaves of the plant, do you mean the small rounded leaves that first come out of the seed? If so, no worries. These are the cotyledons, embryonic leaves that just get the seedling started and usually die off once the plant gets going.
  3. same thing is happening to my plants as of earlier today when i checked them. im kinda sketched out about one, it doesnt really look that great but the other 6 look fine
  4. yea its the two rounded leaves. if thats nothing then thanx, i wont worry about it now.
  5. speaking of yellow plant is about 2 inches tall now...its growing well, the leaves are still growing but i notices a bit of yellow on the ends of the pair of leaves, not the round ones tho. The round ones look like theyre begginning to die off, but i read up there that they do ithat. The thing that has me like confused is that the plant is still growing fine, especially the leaves, everyday they get bigger so im not sure if its just that i over watered one day or what. The one leaf looks to be loosing the yellowness on the ends so i think its getting better. But i figured id get some more opinions. I have the plant under a 23W fluorescent. I thought it was a 40...but i noticed its only a 23...should i get a higher watt?

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