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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Dsoccer1017, Apr 8, 2006.

  1. my plants bottom leaves r completely yellow. but its wierd cuz there r only 2 leaves there that r yellow, and the rest of the plant looks fine and dont see any other problems. any suggestions?
  2. Hey man, this is happening to me, and someone told me that as the plants get older, the young leaves, - the first couple that sprout die off, I believe it is in part that newer leaves block light to them, in addition, if you think about it, what does the plant really need them for. However if this is not the case, there is also a chance that your plants are suffering from a small Magnesium diffeciency. If I were you I would read up on nutrient diffeciencies and familiarize yourself with this one particular. I'm pretty new at this too, but I hope this is of some help.

  3. yea it did, the first couple already died off, but these could be the next 1s to go. they r regular leaves tho, not the tiny ones. i started nutes at the begining of the week at a quarter of the full dosage. i heard it might be nitrogen def but hopefully ill be able to see what the nutes im giving them does. thanks.
  4. Hopefully the 1/4 strength nutes you gave it will stop the yellowing process. Sounds like the plant was ready to be fed. If the plant was between 3-5 nodes tall, I would say it was ready for the nutes. If you are using chemical nutes you can feed them once every other week. Next time you feed you can go half strength. I never go more then 3/4 strength than what is suggested on the box. See how it does. Good luck.
  5. i have miracle grow plant food, and im using vokal420's grow guide....the guy is sick lol. im slowly uping the nutes, i have 3 drops per bottle and now im goin to 4, then 5...... im uping the drops every 2-4 waters depending on number of drops. i picked up so potting soil that has extra phos in it for the roots, and its working amazingly for the plants that its in (dunno why i said that but fyi for any1 else). thanks.

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