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Yellow Leaves?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Goregasm, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. what's it mean if a bud has a yellow leaf or two on it? i just bought an eighth of some regular indoor kindbud and i pulled like 3-4 yellow leaves off the buds.

    not 3-4 leaves each bud, but in the bag there was about 3-4 in total
  2. probably that the bud is laced.:eek:
  3. it could have been yellow weed, or been cured for a few months
  4. Could be when grown a few of the leafs went yellow , then when he/she harvested missed a few of the yellow leafs when trimming the bud .

    There could be a few reasons why few leafs went yellow when growing , could be to do with the plant needing nutrients .

    When i done my 1st grow - towards the end of flowering a few of my leafs went yellow , its not a huge problem .

    Anyway just throwing a idea in there..

  5. thanks for the info

    just trying to make sure i'm not smoking something that shouldn't be smoked :smoke:
  6. its just the leaves that died after trimming. no worries. smoke it up.

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