Yellow leaves :(

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by strikeitrich, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. I have been flowering my plants about 3 weeks. I wil post a pic when i can but since its dark period is from noon to midnight when ever i wake up its either too late or im too tired and hungover.
    Anyway..the bottom leaves are turning yellow and working there way up. Alot of the leaves are also very dried out. I have alot of white pistils and not much skunk there yet ( my first grow) . I am only using a 100W lightbulb so im not sure if this is good enough. Will it be some weak skunk?
    How should i fix the yellowing problem?
  2. depends how yellow the leaves are, but they do die during flowering as the plant uses all resources for the flowers, the leaves will die. Are you using ferts?

    It also sounds like you don't have enough light, and if you aren't seeing buds, are you sure it isn't a hermie?

  3. Yellow leaves in flowering may mean you need to fertilize a little more. And more light wouldn't hurt either.
  4. 100 watts are much to low. Try a minimun 400 for a small show or 1000 high pressure sodium or 1000 metal halide. Add to this some 10 52 10 fertalizer[about 5ml per gallon of water. Also check for bugs under your leaves. if there get rid of them.
  5. ive had this prob before and it turned out to be root rot ,due to the water not being able to drain away from the root mass,
    this was with a hydro grow but i guess soil growing wouldnt be any diff, if this is the case you can get a treatment from most garden stores.

    i also agree with the other contributions to youre question as far as light goes you really need more! a 400w hps is a good start!

    hope this helps
  6. Luckily i have buds appearring. They aren't very big yet, but hopefully... :) I think its most likely, from reading the replies, that it is because its using its resources for buds and there isn't enough light so they die. It has very good drainage in the soil (because when i water it goes straight though and out bottom) I also think if anything i would have over fertalized it.
    Thakns for replies, i will post a pic of my buds when they bit bigger so you can see what 100W lightbulb does..incase your interested (which you probably aren't!)
  7. check your ph all you need is poting soil for these low lights no other food.try 6to8 tubes cool flores.bulbs 40 of your water is the only problem you should have.....dont use time release poting soils=alot of problems,lots and lots...

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