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  1. I have some bag seeds I germinated an one sprouted through the soil last night. The little round leaves look fine but the first set of actual leaves look to be growing in yellow...its in a MG organic potting mix that I put a good amount of perlite in to fluff it up a bit. It is under a few CFLs right now. Any idea if this is bad or normal?

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  2. Sorry these are the only pics I can get right now
  3. Don't use fucking miracle grow, that's all I have to say.
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    Is it MG perlite too?

    MG soil tends to be very "hot" and can cause issues with nute burn.

    On your next water, flush with excess water and don't feed for a few weeks. It'll turn around.

    Edit: your cups need more soil. Add soil to the bottom of your cup or, once there is enough of a stem, add more soil to the top.
  5. No its not MG perlite. This perlite has no nutrients. I flushed the soil in the cups before planting the germinated seeds. I only used MG Cuz it was shitty bag seeds. My Super Queen girls are in Fox Farm.
  6. So does it look like nute burn?
  7. Yellowing leaves this early usually means you have too much nitrogen.

    Started my first grow with mg organic and had similar issues.

    I'd say its nute burn, but a second opinion would be nice to confirm.
  8. I'd say nute burn as well. Either that, or very over-watered.
  9. Anything I can do?
  10. Anything I can do?
  11. You have two options.

    1st you can flush with excess water on your next scheduled water. This will remove excess salts and nutrients, but may shock your plants for a few days and will slow growth slightly.

    2nd option is to continue to water regularly and avoid feeding. Your plants are very young and should bounce back eventually.

    Unless your N levels are astronomically high your plants will recover eventually. Flushing should resolve the issues faster but isn't all that necessary unless your plants are showing signs of extreme nutrient issues or salt issues.

    Remember, over-watering is just as dangerous as over-feeding. Once you find a good watering regiment stick with it.
  12. Yeah I normally just wait till the soil dries and then water. I just planted it last night and that's what it looked like this morning. I figd it would be a little over watered because it was covered to encourage sprouting. But I'm just gonna let it go and see what happens.

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