Yellow leaves.

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  1. My plant is 3 weeks old and yellow is forming. Do i leave them or take them off. I'm not sure so I'm leaving them there. I gave some nutes to it when i watered yesterday afternoon. The leaves have been there for over a week now.
  2. What type of soil? Do you know the pH?
  3. The soil is a Walmart brand soil my dad had in the bag he's using for his fruits and vegetables. And not sure what ph is haven't had the time to get drops and and the ph meter. But planning on getting when I have the extra money.
  4. What are the soils ingredients?
  5. What kind of water are you using? If you use reverse osmosis water, then you need to add back the minerals which normally exist in water. That is an issue that I had once and was able to fix it by adding cal-mag to my water.
  6. I didn't see the ingredients I just saw that my dad was using it to grow his plants and they were growing big and producing a lot. Sorry I can't provide that for you.
  7. I'm using bottles water. I didn't want to chance using tap water I don't know if its clean enough.
  8. It's clean, just has chlorine in it. Fill a good amount of gallon jugs and let the cap off over night so the chlorine evaporates.

    Remember just because some plants appear to thrive from a soil, doesn't mean cannabis will thrive in the same soil. It's also important to know exactly what your plant is growing in. I would transplant into a 5gal pot with a soil such as Roots Organic or Foxfarm OF
  9. What kind of bottle water are you using? Do you have a TDS meter? You need to figure out what is in your water for Total Dissolved Solids. A lot of that bottle water can be reverse osmosis water which may be around 20 or even as low as 0 TDS meaning that your trace minerals such as iron which are normally present in tap water may not be there. If thats the case, then you just need to get a bottle of Cal-Mag which is made by Botanicare. Add 5 ml of cal-mag to every gallon of water and that will probably fix your problem.
  10. The only thing is that my grow space is 1 1/2 feet of space for vertical growth. I'm growing in a pc box.
  11. No I don't have a TDS meter. And my water bottle is aquafina. But I'm taking all these notes for the TDS meter and ph meter with drops.
  12. You need Cal-Mag. That stuff is probably near 0 TDS. I'm using Reverse Osmosis water myself since I have a 5 stage system under my sink. By using that I also don't have to worry about any crap that could be in my tap water. Its cleaner, but you have to add Cal-Mag so the plants get the trace minerals that they need such as iron and magnesium. If you add 5 ml of Cal-Mag per gallon of water, then it should bring your water up to about 220 to 240 TDS which is perfect. Get that Cal-Mag and I think that will fix your problem.
  13. Alright. I'll get that as soon as possible.
  14. This is how the top looks. I just don't get it. The top is growing great it's just the bottom leaves that are yellow.

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  15. Hmm, my leaves did not start to yellow until about the 3rd week in vegging. It started with the tips then it spread to the whole leaves as flowering went on. I was using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil so that soil probably hid the deficiency for awhile since that soil has a lot of nutes in it. You still need Cal-Mag when using purified water though. Sams water in example is RO water but they add nutrients back to it to bring the TDS up. I'm not completely sure if aqauafina adds those nutrients back. I would think that they don't, but it might give you an indication by reading the bottle. It might say either reverse osmosis water or reverse osmosis water with nutrients added for taste
  16. I don't have any Aquafina water to test, but it seems like they probably use reverse osmosis purification since everything on that list is not detected. That seems to make it look like its been purified to the point where all minerals have been removed.
  17. So just by using the TDS meter it will get the right minerals. Or what do I put in the water?
  18. Alright. Thanks for the advise. And I was wondering. My pot is a 2 gallon pot. How much water am I suppose to give with nutes. Cause the chart from fox farm days .25. But that's for a gallon. Is that a gallon going to sit with the nutes in the water? Sorry I'm using a 16 oz bottle filled with water and a small amount of nutes mixed.

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