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  1. Ok, I looked thru other posts and it seems that I'm either over watering, about once every 2-3 days, or they aren't geting enough nutes/ph is bad. PH is 7, but my meter may be broke...I checked it in listerine and it went high alk, in coke it stayed at 7. Not sure if it's reading acidic correctly, it's kinda old. Any suggestions on testing the acid side with household items? Temp stays from about 75-80 all the time. These are a little over a week from sprout. The first 2 are the ones that concern me, the third is my strongest one, which recieves everything the same as the first two. Maybe I'm ok, maybe not, I'd like some seasoned advice tho. Also, they were in peat pots till they sprouted and then put in the bigger pots in the cup. I did this cause the grandpa grow guide said they would just grow thru peat cups. ^^

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  2. HIGH All, not much you can do right now....just don't water too much and what kind of soil did you repot it in to?

    Edit: as to your ? about your meter it's best to get some pH calibration's the best way to see if it's working or not.
  3. The soil is the same that was in the peat pots, it's a 10-8-6 soil. Not miracle grow :p

    Thanks for the quick response.

    When you say not much you can do now, do you mean they are ok, or just at a stage where there's nothing I can do to fix it?

  4. Hi,
    If you keep those baby's in that 10-8-6 soil they will be starting to get burned very soon. I recommend that you go pick up some good organic potting soil (with NO NUTES) at any local nursery. MJ does not need any fertilizer for at least the first 3 weeks of its life.
  5. HIGH All, yes get them some new soil for sure....why I said " not much you can do right now" was I didn't know what type of soil you used.thus why I asked.
  6. Mmmm kay. I'll give that a go, should I put them back in that type of soil or different later. I'm doing a SoG grow.
  7. HIGH All, are you growing to be using Ferts later? Me I'd deep six the soil and just get better stuff..something like Smkn suggested.
  8. I was going to use a P booster during flowering since, according to the grandpa guide, the plants use more P than N during flowering and more N than PK during veg. But I'll see what I can find for organic soil. Thx guys ^^
  9. also, if watering is an issue, dont stick to a strick scheule as your plants dont grow on a schedule...water when necessay, if they dont need it after 3 days, dont water them...
  10. Yea, that's why I said 2-3 days. I check the soil for moistness and water as needed. ^^ I love all the tips tho, keep em coming, thx guys.
  11. my plant was dark green, then i replanted it and put it in the middle of my pot, the leaves are turning lite green,i keep it outdoors daily and at nite i keep the grow light on it, it has 12 leaves i dont want it to die what should i do
  12. Update on my babies. They are doing good and growing nicely. The ones that had the prob are looking much better. I never changed the soil because before I could find someone in my area that had organic soil I thought maybe I was under watering them.

    Well, tried that out and it turns out, that was prolly the problem, look at her now. Nothing different, just water more often now.

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  13. i treamed my leaves on the plant that had yellow and light green, its looking better i wateried it some more and now i have it sitting in the sun, on the top the leaves are sproting, i cant wait for it to get bigger.
    this is my 4th attempt to grow a plant i named him charlie
    my other plant freddie died
  14. Another update and pic of the plant that was sick. It is now the biggest of the 6 and growing like mad. Whatever the prob was is gone. I also have one plant that is a runt, growing very slow.

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