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yellow leaves on 2 week old sprout pic..

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by jason1901, Jul 24, 2010.

  1. That plant will come around. It's young and tender. The roots are not established yet. Usually when you transplant it takes a little time for the plant to get used to it's new enviorment before you can notice. Actually plants shoud have 4-5 sets of leaves before transplant. FFOF is tops but, it is a hot soil fert wise so, don't give nutes for about 3 weeks and only if the plant needs it.

    Have you been checking the ph of the runoff???...PH causes more than 90% of problems in plant health.

    To much sun and lighting can cause leaves to bleach yellow and the leaf tips to turn brown. You can't recover but, you can avoid by not placing in direct sunlight for an extended period of time. Give it a couple hours of sunlight a day until it grows some and develops a good root structure.
    Your doing the right thing by putting indoors under a cfl until it starts showing improvement.
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    the area I circled is the very top of plant, and what looked like the begining of another set of leaves but they are very small about the size of a match tip, and they are dry, deep green and completely shriveled and crunchy, I had to use a magnifying glass to give the description. is that set of leaves dead now or could it come back. I doubt it will.

    I dont know whats up with this link it wont upload, but if you scroll up 5 posts, zoom in on 4th pic and look at the node area and u can see new growth.
    View attachment 438092
    but their is new growth at the 2 nodes on each side, 2 sets of leaves just starting to grow, almost microscopic, but they look healthy. thats a good sign I guess. I circled where u can actually see the new growth, and I put an X where there is new growth but u cant see in pic becuase its hidden by bigger leaf.
  3. holy shit man i didnt think it was that f'd up looks like it got overwatered. but i am not 100% on that its definitly not dead yet so be very careful with it. what is you ph at?
  4. should the yellow part of the leaves be cut off ?

    do the nutrients go directly to the yellowing parts to try and correct it instead of the rest of the plant?
  5. Yes you can trim off the yellow part if you want.....When leaves yellow they will not recover from any method....Their usless to the plant when leaves are all yellow and is a good idea to cut them off to avoid pests etc and keep an eye out on the newer growth.

    You just transplanted in FFOF and you should not need to fert them so soon. When the roots develop more the plant will start growing. A little superthrive helps the roots and would be good to use thru the grow.....
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  7. hey man i posted a reply to this several days ago, but it didnt go through because my computer is slow sometimes. yes so the reason i write so much info is because all i do is read, read and read some more. i learn from the mistakes ive made and from others. i take all advice i get and research it for validity. i am also a firm believer in the rule that the best way to learn somthing is to teach it, so i read through all the threads asking for help and if i dont already know the answer, i look it up or get someone i know that will have the answer to help. so most of my advice is solid and from good sources. hey started a thread on my current grow. its just a few pics, but when its finished i will post a complete grow guide. i document everything i do with pics and data. check out the current thread

  8. my plant not clone rebounded nicely just like you said bro, but its 35 days old and only 2 1/2 inches tall still, why is it sooo small, remember when I asked u how it looked at 2 weeks old, and you said the height was good for 2 weeks. what is going on its supposed to be done at 8 weeks from seed. :eek:
    its my first grow and I seem to be lucky it looks like its female, u can see all the white pistols in the top view of some of the pics, I doubt its gonna get to 12 or more inchs in another few weeks, its an afghan kush ryder (auto) from WOS if you remember. I dont know what happened I transplanted into 2 gal bucket with fox farm soil, but seems very small for 35 days old.

    tell me what u think bro
    Picture 002.jpg

    Picture 005.jpg

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  9. It does look like it is coming back, but you're right, it is pretty small. It looks good though, like the new growth should be fine. I'm sorry I haven't had time to look at the boards lately or follow up on stuff like I normally would. :eek:

    I'm not sure how those autoflower plants are supposed to work, since I've never grown an autoflower. I'm used to a 1 month "seedling" phase followed by however many weeks of veg phase you want to give it, followed by an 8-12 week flowering period depending on the strain. I really don't know how big an autoflower should be at different points in its development. Maybe someone who has grown autoflower before can help you a bit more than I can with that.

    How much direct sunlight does the plant get per day? Indirect sunlight is not as powerful and if it's not getting enough direct light that might be why it is growing so slowly. You want as much direct sunlight as you can get, put it in the place that will get as much as you can every day.

    Hope this helps!
  10. good advice man, yea im not sure how those auto strains grow either, but i think your onto somthing. that plant should be alot bigger than that by now. i was trying to come up with ideas myself, like root development and what not. im leaning towards your idea of the indirect sunlight. i didnt even think about that. we forget some of the simple solutions some times and i think you got it right.
  11. it gets 9 hours of direct sunlight, which I was told was OK back before I even bought the seed by others on the forum, I know more is always better but...
  12. does anyone know why its only 2 1/2 inches tall at 36 days old ?

    If I put under cfl's for 18 hours for the rest of flowering will it grow ?

    its an afghan kush ryder from world of seeds and is supposed to be done 8 weeks from seed. and its 5 weeks in!
  13. ahh WTF
    someone please help!!
  14. mine is small too but not as small as yours. we started only 1-2 days apart, same strain. will try to post pics
  15. dude. have you ever heard of the old adage for realestate? location location location!!!! same thing for your plant, except that in this case, substitute the word location for light. you may need more light. also have you transplanted to a bigger pot yet? that will allow for a larger root ball and will make the growth spike up a bit. im sorry if youve posted all that already, i dont remember. also the medium that you grow in may not be conducive for root development. you may need to transplant to a different soil recipe that allows the roots to grow more loosely in the soil. if its too muddy or hard for the roots to branch out into the soil, that can cause it to stay small

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