Yellow leaves issues towards bottom

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  1. I have 4 marijuana plants growing in one pot they average around three to four feet tall. Planted them memorial day. I'm in Wisconsin. Is there so
    Something I should be worried about?
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    how big is the fucking pot?
  3. I have the same problem with my plant, I just assumed it was natural for the old small leaves At the bottom to fall off.
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    they do. usually about a month into veg. I'm two months in and some of my babies are still using theirs.

  5. Not all from the bottom though.

    You need to post a pic. You will get more help for sure. A good pic and I can tell you whats wrong with your plant in most cases.

    So post a pic or take a chance on a sick plant.
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    true. it's only like 2 or 3 leave sets right?
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    Also 90% of your problem is growing 4 plants in one pot. All your plants are just fighting each other for food and room. I never plant more than one plant per pot.

    Yellowing from the botton is nute lock out. You PH has dropped. If you post a pic I can tell you more.

    Chances are you have to flush your plant with a bunch of water to balance the PH again. Post a pic.

    When you water your plant how much water runs out the bottom of the pot? Also does it take awhile for the water to drain off the top of the soil? Is your soil packed? Do you see any purple in the main stems?
  8. I'm having the same problem but I have 6 close together but in the ground. my ph is 7.5-7 and I got a help full tip to give them 20 parts distilled water to 1 part urine 20:1 I know this sounds wierd but urine has nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other kinds of nutes that could help. Also make sure you don't over water because the stems of the plants are like a sponge, if it's over watered it'll get big and mushy but if not it's firm and strong. Good luck:)
  9. If you PH is at 7.5 you on the border of nute lock out. See this chart to see what I am saying. You can piss all you want. But if the PH is to hi or to low. The your plant cannot get to it no matter how much you give it.

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    haha thanks. do you know how to make it more acidic? limes?
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    Not enough to give advice on how to do it. Your going to have to ask around or do some searching.

    I would take a trip over to the indoor section. Those guys deal with this stuff more.

    How are you testing your soil? water run off from the bottom of the pot?

    Ph 7.0 is not bad. Your just close. 7.5 is pushing it. Dolomite lime will bring it to 7.0 I think. Do not quote me though.

    What are your plants doing again? Are they sick?
  12. I have pix on my thread but they seem pretty healthy and they're in the ground and I have a ph meter
  13. The pot isn't that big i can post a pic?
  14. These are the plants

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  15. I would tell you to transplant all the smaller plants out of the pot. Leave the best plant in the pot you have now.

    There is a reason why one plant is bigger. Its fighting harder than the rest of them. All your plants are fighting with each other for food. Only one will win.
  16. Okay. I think their all rootbound together what shuld I do? Maybe just plant em to the ground?

  17. Thats up to you. I would move the smaller one and leave the big one in the pot. If you move the small one. Make sure you set it in the shade for a few days while it recovrs from the shock.
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    wow really? they're all root bound together? that must be a bitch. so sorry to hear that! but you should have seen this coming. I don't see how planting more than one in a single pot would be good..ever. there must be a reason, but at least you know now. you can slice up the roots into sections? you can try pulling them apart? if they're all root bound together then I see no other choice :| just make sure you don't cut the taproot! hopefully they can recover.
  19. I kinda planted em jus for fun. Then they hit the three foot mark and I started to think....fuck. Is there any possibility they could still produce bud do u think?
  20. Ya they will produced bud. Just slower. If you got the small one out you will get more bud as if you left it in.

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