Yellow leaves first grow help plz

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  1. Hi there im new to the fourm and growing i got 5 seeds of somango and 5 seeds of grape ripper and all the seeds great poped up great but the last couple of days the leaves have been turning yellow the only thing i can think of is i over waterd them i have waterd them twice so far not including when i soaked the soil when i planted them on 10-29 im useing fox farm original planting mix right out of the bag ive had a fan blowing on them for about 18 hours on med trying to dry them out im useing 2 42w cfl 6500k in a 3x3 room with no fan in there or vents any help would be sweet adding pics as well

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  2. I dont see any perlite in your media my guess is over watering and maybe the soil is too hot for the little seedlings, try transplanting into a seed starting soil which has no nutrients and good drainage. they need no extra food tell there cotyledons fall off.
  3. I think i got.the wrong dirt

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  4. I think fox farms light warrior is the product they reccomend
  5. that is a nute burn.

    light warrior is not nearly as strong as Ocean Forrest but i have seen a few times where it has burnt seedlings.

    Flush the cups and then let them dry out a decent amount and you will be good to go.
  6. thanks for all the responces what would be the safest to try and save them if flushing i dont know how to do that or transplant

  7. the rule of thumb for a flush is to water the plant 3x the volume of the container one time, then let it dry out to the point of the cup being significantly lighter but not dry enough to make the plant droopy, due to being thirsty.

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