Yellow leaves...any idea!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by izobizo, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Bottom leaves are becoming yellow..What is this...
    I think soil PH is good...they have enough water...they are fertilized once per week with horse shit mixed with water..they have enough sun..enough

    Is some type of ganja that become yellow?

    Any idea...?




  2. i don't think there's a problem, man. the plant is just sucking up the chlorophyle from those big fan leafs and carrying it to where it's needed. don't panic. your plants are fine.
  3. Dont worry about it too much. Its probably happening because the nutes you are giving them dont have enough nitrogen in it. If you want the yellowing to stop try using a more rounded organic fert instead of strictly horse shit. Its really not a big deal though.
  4. sweet work, if anything they are in kind of small pots for the size. Why didn't u put them straight into the ground? would def have increased the size. VERY NICE JOB!
  5. yea i wouldnt really wory about the bottom leaves especially around flowering time becuase the plant will not care too much about em and spend most of its energy on the top leaves and buds... as they get the most sunlight.
  6. could you give me some good brand name for nitrogen fertilizer?

    Do somebody have experiences with Kool Bloom?

  7. The problem is, you dont want to give it a fertilizer that is too high in nitrogen or else the plants will focus more on vegetative growth than budding. Fox Farms makes an organic, granular, slow release fertilizer thats quite high in nitrogen called American Pride. If you cant find that American Pride stuff, just browse through some fertilizer and find something that has a NPK ratio with more than say 6% nitrogen, but still has more phophorus than nitrogen and potassium.

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