Yellow Leaves And Grass Hoppers

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Charles_M, May 20, 2013.

  1. Hi, I'm new to growing marijuana but ive done my own vegetable and fruit gardens for as long as i can remember so I understand how to take care of plants and so far ive been successful at resolving any problems. Im growing outdoors and my plants are still quite small but theyre growing quickly and producing more and more leaves every day. For a while I had issues with grass hoppers eating my plants and that slowed the progress down a lot but I think I have them under control by putting moth balls around the plants. This isn't the point of my post but if anyone has tried any kind of organic grasshopper control let me know because moth balls only help so much. My main issue is that 2 of my 4 plants' leaves are turning slightly yellow and idk why. The 2 not turning yellow are both different strains and the 2 turning yellow are the same strain (THC Bomb). I haven't given any nutrient other than what is already in the commercial potting soil I stared them out in. I know cannabis is more susceptible to nute burn than most plants so could that be my problem? also its been raining a lot so overwatering perhaps? the leaves don't look super rigid like overwatered plants though. Also the leaves are still recovering from the grasshoppers so could this just be a side affect that I should just wait ou

  2. You need to feed them it sounds like They need some N on npk .. Theres lots of feed out there i use fox farms my choice not broke dont fix it lol and i makes some teas also.. as for your hoppers i use neem all the time and i dont think it helps but also use capt jacks dead bug and some hot pepper wax.. And some free range chickens lol...   Good Luck

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