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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JonnyBennett, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. Hello Im new to this Forum..Just wondering I started growing 3 plants lately without uv and put them in my conservatory where its nice and hot..however i have noticed that they are growing nicely but they have yellow tips on the there anyway i can cure this without having to spend money

  2. cant be cured cut em off and they regrow i found but my plants still get yellow leaves :/
  3. do i just cut the yellow bits of?.. my plants are only 2 and a half weeks old so there still young..i purchased a UV light today and got slow realise nutrients mixed into my soil..will this be good enough for my baby's?the plant only has yellow tips so im wondering if its worth destroying the leafs?
  4. sorry, what i meant was dont burn off all the leave just the tips that are yellow my plants have grown there tips back as green after this
  5. Hi Cheers, I cut the yellow bits of the leaf but i have noticed one of my leafs hasnt wilted but the leaf matter seems soft when i touch it and it bends easy cus its slighlty u have any idea why this is?

    p.s- i would show a pic but u cannot tell the leafs floppy in the pic as it looks normal but doesnt feel it..

  6. oneof thebigest problems with pref. soils is watch the might know wen to water,but u hav to get the amont righ and that were people usally go wrong._at that rate if over watered i would giv it less water wen needed again and watch the diff. in growth,then try to go bak to specific amont,if that dont work the amont is wrong,cut bak again until u get the right amont figured. with just about all prefert. soils a water ph of 7.4 will work,been there,i know it can take a diff. ph of water then 7.4,but most tape waters at tis level,especially wen soil ph starts at 6.5/lik miracle grow schultz. moon/
  7. uv light dont work, get some flourecent light bulbs, or MH light system for veg...

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