Yellow leaf with black patches

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  1. Some of my new leafs at the edge are going browny.. Some half way up the tree are totally green with these patches on and some I have pruned.. I just cant work out what I'm doing wrong? No growth particularly either

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  2. You didn't mention whether or not you have checked the PH? It should be 6.5-7.0
    If the ph checks out ok, it looks to me like nitrogen deficiency
  3. i add PH at 6.2.. but im going to test the run off and see what i get
  4. What have you been feeding it and what type of soil are you using?

  5. Optimal ph for soil is 6.3 - 6.8.

    Yes, it is an N deficiency.

  6. She needs some water bro shes thirsty, give her some ph adjusted water first, wait to see what it looks like then figure out what it needs
  7. Please just tell us all the particulars of the grow.

    Less time will be wasted.

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    Last edited by a moderator: May 5, 2011 Here is a chart which tells you which nutrients get locked out at different PH levels.

    6.2 is a bit low, but your plant is also showing what appear to be signs of toxic salt buildup.

    I recommend flushing it and adding some ph up, until the run-off is 6.5, that should also flush away any toxic buildup if there is any.

    After flushing and adjusting the ph to 6.5 I would feed her with a half or quarter strength feeding solution of something with an NPK around 2-1-1/if in the grow stage and 1-2-2 if blooming (it is hard to tell by the pics, it looks like there may be buds forming at the top but I really can't tell with the lighting and the way the leaves are curling... lol.

    That should help, if it doesn't then you probably need to flush it more or just transplant it into some new soil.
  9. ya I agree, hard to tell when you don't know what is in the soil.. :p
  10. Yup.

  11. damn u quoted me before I edited it, at a second glance of the pics it looks like they may be beginning to flower, so I changed the fert recommendation... lol :p
  12. OP - when do u plan on flippin the lights ???

  13. Ok, so i was using a small amount of bio biz with my plants however they looked yellowish so i came of all the neuts (this is over a month ago)

    i took your advice:
    - I re caled by ph meter so i knew i was getting a correct reading
    - i washed my current equipment - bucket etc in hot water
    - i then took some more water which i store in bottles for a while, poured it into my bucket and it measured 10.0 on the PH!!!! so i then lowered it to 6.5
    - I watered the plant a around half a litre (maybe less) and water started to come from the bottom.. i tested the PH

    - FML when the PH came out it was 8.8 i really dont understand!

    - i use to spray diamond nectar on the leaves but stopped due to the fact all my babies are dying.

    any help would be really appreciated.. i am now running out of my old supply!
  14. i went down my local hydro centre and they said 6.2 is to low.. i have caused a NPK lock out so i need to start giving them, 6.8 for them to perk up.

    i have also changed to semi hydro using the AERO pots now.. however my run of is still 8.1??
  15. just a thought, if i leave normal water for a few days the ph goes up.. so it could still be too low if i get 8+ run off.. ill just have to give it a few days
  16. yea your ph is wacky man. if you have something with kelp this will help with lowering your PH a bit also helps with the N.

    as for a possible mentioned toxic salt build up if your using plain water to flush you will not get too far with removing the toxic salts. you will need a flushing agent of some sorts to remove the salts. water alone will move out the excess fertilizers and actually many of your microbial colonies, but will not affect the salt content much at all.

    i think the PH issue is the main problem tho. try to get your run off in the mid to low 6's as already stated above as well. try watering with a ph of 5.5 to balance out the extremely high ph of 8.8 you listed. good luck.


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