Yellow leaf tips very early

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  1. Soil - Fox Farms Original
    Type of light? 2 - 27w CFL Cool White
    "Atmosphere" Conditions - 70º, dry, small constant fan
    Waterings - Tap water
    PH Range N/A
    Nutrients/Supplements - None

    I have 8 - 2 week olds and the leaf tips are turning yellow and turning up. They started this while still in small trays filled with vermiculite in a tray with about 1/4" of standing water. The roots quickly grew out of the trays into the standing water, and were like that for a few days before I cut the bottoms out of the trays and put them in 2 gallon grow bags with Fox Farms.

    My assumption is that they received too much water early, but I'm not sure.

    Should I keep watering to a minumum and see what happens? Any other ideas?
  2. Yellow leaf tips sounds like a fert burn to me.

    Any chance we can get some pics?

    Good luck.
  3. Here's a pic. They don't seem to be getting any worse now that they're in soil. Perhaps it was chlorine burn from having the roots submerged in the tray for a few days with tap water in it?

    I think I'm going distilled from here on out.

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  4. Probably chlorine burn but you also need some more lighting to help them heal faster. And get the daylight, use the cool white for flowering.
  5. Picked up 4 27w Daylight CFL's at lunch and two more reflectors. I now have all 4 going on 8 youngin's. Hope to see a bit more growth in the coming days, they've been moving pretty slow so far...... :cool:

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