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Yellow leaf tips, curled and dry

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Kushbushking, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone. This forum is a first for me so take it easy on me. I've been growing for Around a year now and feel I've been successful wit
    h I so far but I'm having issues with this one plant now.
    About the plant. It's a Riserva Privada headband. It was popped from seed and placed in a solo cup of ocean Forrest with drainage holes in the bottom. I've let the soil get pretty dry on top before watering wether it seedlings or mature plants. Plants were transplanted at 7 days into two gallon smart pot style bags. this pic is from a few weeks ago. It has grown but still shows the same signs. I'll upload an up to date pic later.
    Enviroment. This grow consist of 3 rp headband, 3 barneys farm pineapple chunk. 3 purple kush. All feminized. These plants were place under a 4' 8 bulb t5 panel that is 432w. Room is climate controlled with ac and heat so the temp stays around 72. humidity is around 45-50%. I have two ocilating wall fans set to gently move the leaves when they pass.
    Nutes. We started Nutes at around day 14 at 600ppm. We use the full technaflora line. Now the plants have a couple o weeks before going into flower and the Nutes are around 1000ppm. On a water, water, nute schedule. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Any questions, feel free to ask

  2. It's not letting me upload pics. I'll keep trying. Sorry everyone
  3. [​IMG]
    Heres a pic.... sorry it took so long
  4. :confused:Anyone? Any ideas?
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    just submitted another pic that i think is showing up. Any thoughts would be awesome
  6. Are you feeding it nutrients?
  7. Full Technaflora line
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    Hard to get a real good idea from that tiny pic, but the discoloration of the leaves reminds me of a magnesium def.... have not seen it curl the leaves like that though. If that is the issue, foliar feed with Epsom Salt should help fix it.

    What is the ph?

    Wouldn't take those into flower until you figure that issue out. Good luck keep us posted.
  9. Thanks. When i click on the pic, it maximizes it. Not sure if it will do that for you. I use ro water with a ph of 6.0. soil ph is 6.5. My nutes have been at 1000 ppm the last two times so i wouldnt think its a def. ive read that this paticular strain of headband is a lite feeder anyway. Im completly puzzeled.

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