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  1. Maybe someone can give me some advice. I had a girl about four weeks into flowering and she looked great! Today we noticed three little tiny flowers yellow in color growing seemingly out of the base of a normal looking flower. Wife says they are male flowers? Should we eightysix this girl? Any advice? Thanks:)
  2. pics would be nice, but ive never seen a female with flowers, and ive seen lots of males with yellow flowers, so ya man i think its a male too. Fuck.
  3. Do they look like bananas? Hermie. :(
  4. ...males make flowers, yeap. CHOP, CHOP! :)
  5. I wouldnt chop until we see pics though....
  6. if you have other plants near by than chop the he she down. some very nice strains always herm out. ie trainwreck. but you are lucky if you find a seed in a batch of trainwreck. it depends on how many male flowers are on your plant. more flowers more pollen more seeds. if those male flowers have opened, it is too late your crop will have seeds. if it is your only plant keep it and hope you dont get too seeded.:smoke:
  7. dont get rid of it until you know for sure. male flowers are little balls or sacks. female flowers start out as white hairs. search google images for male and female flowers of marijuana plants.
  8. They are not true male flowers. If it was a hermie, it would grow full, obvious male AND female flowers at every internode. If it had shifted to male, it would grow ONLY male flowers. It's normal for female plants to pop a few false male flowers or whatever you want to call them when stressed and sinsemilla.

    You can remove them or leave them. Sometimes leaving them will cause some pollenation, which will result in feminized seeds. I see it as a good thing.
  9. i hate it when theres a cockfest in the growroom. I prefer to be surrounded by ladies showing me their beautiful flowers. chop down the plants if they grow ballsacks or keep them for a less potent larger yield. hermies are a heartbreak man, but you gotta do something when those ladyboys show up.

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