Yellow/curling leaf tips.

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    First post and first crop FTW!!

    OK well I have this closet, I lined it in foil, and started up some seeds. I did this once, then started reading, and have not stopped reading. I have these three plans in the closet with a four foot florescent light, with two light tubes(40 watt) on the ballast(or whatever). These plants are three part mushroom compost with one part perlite in the medium. I just got some nutes yesterday, and since then have had two feedings(30-10-10). I think the reason these leaves look the way they do is I think I am over watering. I am not sure, which is the reason for posting. These plants are three weeks and 2 days old.

    This is plant number one. It seems to be doing the best in terms of everything! But you can still see signs of the yellowing.. :mad:

    This is plant number two. When I spray this one it sways worse then the other two.

    This is the third plant.


    Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what kind of light this is? My uncle gave it to me for free, but I stopped using it cause it was TOO hot! I will use this light this winter during to keep the heat up!

    Here is the temp and humidity this morn when I took the photos.

    Ok well, if someone could let me know if I am over watering, or what else might be the problem I would love it! I want nice healthy plants! If you need to know anything else, please ask, and I will try to let you know to the best of my ability. Thanks! :)

    I know I need to get something to check my Ph's and I just ordered this from Ebay. Should be here in a few days! :)
    Look good?
  2. I'm on my first grow, but I'll take a stab at helping you. :)

    I think your plants have nute burn. They're really too young/little for nutrients yet. A sign of over watering is droopy leaves, not yellow leaves.

    Also, if you are using tin foil, take it down 'cos it'll burn your plants.

    Have you got a fan on those? It'll help strengthen the stems.

    Hope this helps, sorry if it doesn't! :p

    Good luck with your grow! :smoking:
  3. you are most likely overwatering. Before watering, stick your finger down in the soil and you shouldn't be able to find any wet soil. A plant that small shouldn't need to be watered more often then every 4 days.
  4. Thanks I will try this and let yall know!!!!
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    Ok here is whats going on.

    I got myself a 4 in 1 rapitest Ph, fertility, sunlight, and moisture tester. I bought it off ebay 18 bucks shipping and all. I know I need one because everyone says know Ph's! But is it reliable? Accurate readings? Also I know what the Ph's are supposed to be, but on this tester, what would I want my moisture, and fertility at? I am going to post another picture of the plants and whats going on.

    Here is how the tester reads.
    Ph-9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1- it needs to be 6.5-7
    Soil Moisture- Dry 1 2 3 4 Wet - it needs to be?
    Light-Cloudy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Sunny- Mine read 2.3 under 2 four foot fluorescent??
    Fertility-|Too little| |Ideal| |Too much|-Which do I need?

    Here is the temp and humidity for today. Nice overcast day in Texas!

    The tester I bought, also size comparison. like four inches tall.

    Plant three. The yellow parts seem to be curling. the three leaf set has filled and and is now working on a new set.
    Ph-Really close to the 7 mark, like 6.7-6.9
    Fertility-Too little

    Plant two. The yellowing turned brownish, as if totally dead. the three leaf set got longer, needs to fill out yet. I hope it does anyway. and in the middle is the happening of a new leaf set.
    Fertility-Too little

    Plant one. Again I think is doing the best, although the plant seemed to have lost some of the green and fluffy look.
    Fertility-Close to ideal

    I Gave them five foliar sprays of 1/2 30-10-10 nutes yesterday evening. I plan on giving them a good watering and another spray maybe tomorrow night, unless you all tell me otherwise. Also do you think their size is what it should be for being on day 27? Just wondering.

  6. Alright bud, I'm gonna help you out here...

    First thing first. You leaves are yellowing definitely from the nutrients. They are wayyyyy to young to be fed anything. Wait weeeeks till even thinking about feeding. For now, just give them water and light..

    Second, You can not put plants in see through containers. Roots can not be exposed to light or the plant will suffer and the roots will not want to extend. Transplanting is not a possiblity yet, but as soon as those plants get over 3 inches, you need to move them into a solid colored pot.

    Third. Your lighting setup is ok. The fluoros are going to be good for growing the plant to size , but when it comes to flowering they will not cut it. The tubes you are using are not going to be giving the plant enough red light and it will be the death of them.

    There is a bit more to go over, but you need to read a bit on your own on all three of these points I made. I do not know what kind of light that your granfather gave you but it does look like the proper kind for flowering. The heat is a good indication that the light is intense. You need these HID, high intensity lights, to grow marijuana but also need a powerful fan because the heat can and will burn the ever living shit out of your plants.

    Read up champ, we were all noobs once.
  7. stop the nutes and take the foil down. your burning them from all angles. and the psot above is right on the money.
  8. Have just had some plants come up that look exactly like those, I do believe the problem is too much nutrients. We made the mistake of using an organic fertilizer with nutrients added, and several of our babies (not all of them) came up looking just like yours.

    The good news is that we didn't give them any more nutrients, and once they reached 1.5-2 weeks old, they started doing much better and they look great now.
  9. Hiya all!

    First time here, not a first time grower, but first time all indoors on a hobbyist level. Outdoors it was no big deal for me or my friends but that was like 20 years ago now, if I did do anything special I don't recall it now.

    We did dig up a big old male plant, put him in a pot & used him for a Xmas tree, but that's the extent of my indoor experience.

    So I'm stumbling around strictly reading stuff on the 'Net, slaughtering sprouts and seedlings left and right but two survived despite my clumsiness. One looks especially promising but she developed a strange problem I never encountered outdoors

    Clay pots, hardware store soil & a daylight CFL in a reflective fixture positioned inches above the plants. Set up in a closet with vents in the door for drafting, works well if smoke is any indicator

    Sprouted on 9/24, transplanted a couple weeks later, fertilized 10/21 and I noticed this yellowing on 10/29. Today it's pretty bad

    The fertilizer I used was Plant Tone, sprinkled a bit on the surface of the soil, mixed it in a little and watered. Nothing since.

    After reading here I removed soil down to about the level I mixed the fertilizer into & watered thoroughly

    Is that gonna help or did I kakk the poor girls?

    I've got a brown blotch on a couple larger leaves as well.

    I gotta go figure out how to post offsite images without incurring the wrath of John Law ;)

    Any help is supremely appreciated!


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