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yellow buds, white hairs burnt, 3rd week of flower

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by bznuts916, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Buds turning yellow and white hairs burnt
    never seen this before
    20 days into flower
    please any info appreciated
  2. Will have pics up ASAP.
    Rest of plant looks great. Leaves standing up and everything. Just buds are yellowing and hairs burnt?
  3. Is 2400 pom co2 toxic? I left co2 on by mistake but only 12 hours. Would that do it?
  4. Unable to get pics up right now. Its just crazy. the leaves are nice an green and reaching for the sky. Buds Only, turning yellow and all leaves coming out yellow and shriveled up. White hairs are burnt up. Now as stated I left Co2 on on accident and it got up to 2400 but that was only for a few hours, maybe 15.

    coco, smartpots, house and garden nutes

    ph in - 5.8
    runoff ph- 6.0

    ppm in 900
    runoff ppm- 1000-1240

    All problems ive dealt with in the past (nutes and ph) effects the leaves mor then the actual buds.

    The only thing I can think of is the co2. Some research says 2400 shouldnt be a problem, specifically for a short period of time. Then others say 2500 can be deadly for plants?

    Im lost on this one fellas
  5. From what I understand, CO2 poisoning can definitely kill your plants. I don't use it myself but most people that I have talked to about it don't use more than 1900 ppm.
  6. I disconnected the co2 for now. Did a mild flush (with nutes), just incase its something in the medium/rroot zone- but again, leaves green and standin up? crazy. I sure hope they snap outof it. Its been 3 or so days with the co2 cut off so well see.
  7. If you buds yellow,and hairs burnt sound like lihght is to close?

    If not."when in doubt flush them out".

  8. I raised the lights up, but even the lil nugs that are getting shit for light are affected. ended up flushing em a few times(with lighter nutes) and it seems to be helping, on some of the og's in particular. The Larry and Tahoe might snap outof it. I worried about the gdp and grape ape now. fucking nugs look horrible, yellowish and hairs still singed looking. all ladies seem to be slightly and slowly growing in size though. I sure hope my friends wrong when he says theyre herming out on me. shit is stressing me out, its time to blaze one. :smoke:Thanks for the help i know its hard without pics.

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