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Yellow Bud??!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by VioletLighter, Mar 21, 2012.

  1. So today walking down the street I noticed something in a little corner/crevice area. Three dimes of bud! Except all of them were pale I inspected the buds and the only things that seemed wrong were the color (obviously), the lack of marijuana smell until finely broken up, and the dry left residue on my fingers as it was sticky but....I don't know. Could it just be the bud was dropped there a while ago and rain etc. washed out it's color? It looks beautifully crystallized and hairy but I don't know if there's something wrong with it. :p what do you guys think?
  2. vote is that it is old, water soaked, and dried multiple times. but if it still has that crystal shimmer, perhaps its decent? I suggest you don't smoke it man, you don't want that dirt weed in your lungs :D
  3. pics or not happen
  4. [quote name='"JoeObey"']pics or not happen[/quote]

    I only wish I had a digital camera...XD cause it's seriously something that you guys should see.

  5. You obviously have a cell phone, or a webcam??
  6. what do i think? i think you're insane to even attempt this thread without pics.

    i bet granny is about to drop some knowledge up in this bitch
  7. They could have been sun-bleached if they were exposed to direct sun for a length of time.

  8. What? Why would granny get involved?
  9. dude ive seen heroin laced bud, it looks yellow. be careful man

  10. Maybe because granny knows a lot, and could have an answer?
  11. You posted zero pics,as far as I'm concerned your lying.
  12. This thread without pics is equal to a bucket of rocks...

  13. I really dont mean to sound like a jerk, but this is highly unprobable. In fact most weed smokers will never encouter heroin laced weed. Why? because heroin costs 10 times more than weed does, the dealer is not gonna lose his money by putting heroin in his weed whch totally would be visible to the average stoner, and the excuse he is doing this to get you addicted and make more money on your ass is bullshit.First heroin isnt meant to be smoked in joints at all, it will probably have little to no effect and just make the bud taste like shit. And even if someone does a catch a buzz from it, chances are he is not gonna like it and wont come back. The average stoner will probably understand whats happening and be pissed and never call him back. The only thing weed coulb be laced with is pcp, and thats is EXTREMLY RARE, usually if you want pcp soaked weed you have to ask it for it, dealers wont give it to you for free, except if they want to make a dumbass joke and lose a customer.

    To the op, the bud is proably yellow either because it was shit from the begining, somebody did shit with it or because of naturalm elements. I personally wouldnt smoke it, especially if its yellow.
  14. Not worth smoking. Just throw it away.
  15. Sadly without pictures nobody will believe you. And the ubiquity of cameras in the year 2012 leaves me skeptical as well.
  16. weed can be laced with heroin/anything if the dealer is a retard, or it was contaminated with the heroin/whatever by accident. as for pcp contaminated bud, I have had that before. strangely enough I didn't even notice it. I didn't know it was bad until I got a drug test at my probation, and it showed trace amounts of marijuana and pcp. luckily they wrote it down as negative for all drugs though. contaminated weed isn't as rare as you might think. a lot of dealers are completely retarded.

  17. Bro..I'm pretty sure he was being sarcastic.

  18. Shit thats fucked up for the drug test, at least they wrote it down negative. My post meant to say generally, i mean yes there is some dealers that lace shit but its pretty easy to detect and its very rare, as usually a dealer is orietend to make money, not to fuck up his customers lol. Didnt you see the weed you had smelled like a marker in a chemical weed and that the taste was metallic? And you say you didnt notice the diffrence in the high? shit man i ant some of the shit you smoke on the usual lol:smoke:. Are you sure though there is no possiblity that you did for example an umentionable that contained pcp and thats why its showed up on the test? ive also heard about pcp negative with certain substance but im not sure about the source and dont remember quite well though...

  19. i wrote that in case he wasnt. Some people are straight up convinced they smoke laced weed all the time when theyre not.

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