Yellow/browning of leaves. Need help. PICS

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by BumbleBeeHive, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. Hello all. First hydro setup.

    This is about a week to 10 days into the grow.


    My ph was at 8.2!!! so i got some ph down, got it to about 6 tonight. PLan on gtting it down to 5.6 ish tommorow. The plants have probably been running on the 8.2 ph the whole time. Do you think thats what is cuasing the yellow/brown spots?
  2. Looks like light burn to me
    How close are the lights and what type are they as in HID or CFLs or LEDs...
    Have you been feeding them already?
    PH would only mess with your seedlings if you were feeding them nutes
    A wacky ph would block your plant from absorbing nutrients effectively or not at all
    Get that ph stable and always check at least every other day if not daily and after feedings

  3. Looks like nutrient or light burn to me.
  4. Whats ye PH and PPM's?
  5. Oh, and bury that cube... Unless you are trying to grow alge and root rot.

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