Yellow/brown spots

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    Anyone have an idea what this might be? One of my Blueberry's. Perhaps it got too hot? This one was directly under my HLG600H light, probably had it too close, too high intensity, maybe not enough water as well. Just trying to figure out what this might be. 2 weeks grow, light now at 36" height, turned down intensity to about 1/4. Ocean FF, no nutrients as yet, supposed to be able to go first 3 weeks with no nutrients with this soil. I have FF nutes, plus Calmag, but this shouldn't be nutrient deficiency I wouldn't think? Temps in tent have gotten to 82 degrees, have portable AC arriving tomorrow to solve the heat issue. Trying to get humidity down too, it hovers around 70 degrees humidity. Tks for any input!
  2. I seen your link's yesterday, i dont like the look of them or where they go. So cant answer your post's mate...
  3. Sorry, trying to figure out how to post images, hopefully this is better.

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