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Yellow/Brown Spit After Smoking?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by EmoSteve, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. Is it normal to get yellow/brown spit after smoking? Is this unhealthy?
  2. sounds like your well on your way to lung cancer
  3. I would say there's a presence of a grade 3 skin carcinoma forming in the posterior sections of your mouth.
  4. hahahhahahahaha its jus alil tar do you use a filter? it helps alot next time u roll a blunt or joint jus take alil piece of paper from like a business card and stick it in 1 end i get that all the time on my lips and spit jus wipe it off
  5. Nothing like the sweet taste of warm RESIN on the lips.
  6. An excess of THC has redirected your urinary tract from your penis to your mouth. See a doctor immediately.
  7. I don't smoke joints or blunts. I use a bowl or a bong so I don't know how I could get resin on my lips.
  8. i imagine its tar built up in your lungs, sinus cavity, and nose. it happens
  9. what can tar from weed smoking do to me?
  10. it causes you to be emotionally unstable
  11. that only happens to me after i smoke a blunt and its just rezin from the blunt in my mouth
  12. We call it "lung butter"
  13. lmao it makes you emotionally unstable dont smoke if ur scared ................lol weed smoke makes resign
  14. Make sure you don't have bronchitis, and aren't coughing up phlegm.
  15. Lol cancer brahhh...

    I've only seen it in chain smokers spit. Black/grey/yellow.. nasty.
  16. I have the same thing and have for the last year, im only 20. Im assuming that you smoke alot of weed, I smoke around an eigth a day and smoke a pack of ciggarettes. Obviously unhealthy. Go to your Physician if possible and tell him of your symptoms (say you smoke cigs), he may offer you some sort of nebulizer (lung cleansing). I havnt personally done this but I know many people who have.
  17. And considering everybody in the world is sick at the moment...

    I would probably consider some sort of lung infection too before anything. My chest has been fucked up for about a month and a half ever since I got the flu with a secondary of bronchitis.
  18. i can guarantee its just phlem...it happens from smokin...your not gunna die its just nasty residue
  19. ha, wow. i really don't smoke a lot. i smoke maybe twice a week. my spit really isn't that brown or yellow. just a slight tint.

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