yellow/brown leaves (pics)

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  1. im starting to get yellow/brown leaves. at first it was at bottom of the plant but seems to be spreading slowly i believe this to be a ph problem as ph is at about 6.9 but i will have that down by tomorow. i only have 3 plants going at mo and it seems to be afecting them all i have taken some photos and will place them in order of how bad each leaf is afected and also a pic of them all together your opinions will be very valuble to me;)



    medium is 40% coco 30% perlite 30%growbag

    fertilizer is chempak 25-15-15 witch i have being using on 1/3 dosage about ever 7 days this fertilizer has every thing in it apart from sulpher and calcium. just waiting for secondry nuits by post

    ph 6.9 (i know)

    18/6 lights

    feel free to fire any questions at me thanks again:D

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  2. please i need your opinions
  3. "growbag" is that soilless mix?

    if so your PH needs to be dropped to 5.8-6.0
  4. no its soil and its got some nutes in it
  5. any ideas on the yellowing browning leaves guerrila (prob ph related i think)
  6. The same things is starting to happens to my DP White widow I planted. It's been under 12/12 lighting from day one and now it's in week 6 some of the under leaves are starting to show yellow spots. If theres a way to correct this I would like to know.

    If not It just means I have to get more seeds from Dr Chronic and start again with better soil.
  7. dapillpopingpop, try upping the ferts a bit

    Zeke335 what ferts are you using
  8. This is my first gorw so I'm new to this, I'm not sure but up untill now I haven't been using any fert. But after seeing the yellow spots I though maybe the plant needed some Fertilizer so I put some into today for the first time at week 6. I'm hoping this does the trick and the leave go grean again. If not I'll look around a see what products are out there that can correct this.

    If the whole thing doesn't work out, I'll order some more seeds and get some better soil and start again
  9. I believe you have it sorted out then:D

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