yellow brown leaf tip burn? what am i doing wrong?

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    Hi guys,
    So i cut some clones and once they gave a few roots i moved them into 5 gallon DWC buckets with air stone.
    the tips are turning yellow brown and i dont know what could be the cause of it.
    I have good air circulation and im using half the dose of lucas formula 4ml micro and 8ml bloom per gallon.
    bucket #1 658ppm --- 6.71PH
    bucket #2 594ppm --- 6.8PH
    (i read online that ideal ph is 5.8, is this correct? should i go with that?)
    could it be that i cut the nuts in half thats why this is happening? or maybe ph is too high?
    oh im in Los Angeles CA and its pretty hot outside these few days (95 to 100+)
    (but i have another one that is about 50 days old growing next to them and that one is perfectly fine, that has 1223ppm and 6.18PH )
    Thank You everyone in advance.

    IMG_20190803_120822.jpg IMG_20190803_120827.jpg
  2. Looks like nute burn to me. But my main concern is the ph. I’m surprised they aren’t showing other issues.

    My other concern is it you put them outside before they developed a solid root system the heat could over stress them.

    Other then that the look good. I’ve seen far worse nute burn
  3. im going to lower the ph down to 5.8 area and see what happens in a few days.
    You think about 600ppm is too much for nuts?
  4. Naa I run about 600 early veg. So I don’t think that’s a problem
  5. 600 ppm is high if your clones root system is only a week old and your ph is too high for hydro..aim for 6.1 or 6.2
    ... also what's your water temp?

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