Yellow autoflower seedlings

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  1. I'm hoping you can help me. I purchased Critical + 2 Autoflower seeds and one of my seedlings is growing tall but more concerning is it has developed yellow spots. It's planted in 1,3 Coco Loco, 1/3 Happy Frog, 1/3 Ocean Forest and it's planted in a 7 gallon fabric pot. It has a 2x2 1000 watt light 25 inches away on for 18 hours, off for 6. I am using purified or distilled water. Can someone help me?
  2. Don't use distilled water! Terrible for plants. Plus your in a hot mix.
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  4. Yep, a pic would help, seeing how it looks... because it is perfectly normal for cotyledon and first set of leaves to yellow as the plant is growing.
    Also, about your light, I guess you meant 2 x 1000 watt (or maybe are you really vedging under 4000w?)... Info about light source would help, because if you are using 2000w of HPS or of Samsung diodes, no wonder, your plant is frying. A small t5, or dimmed LED would be optimal.
    And, like suggested before, your soil is too rich in nutrients for seedlings. It can also triggers yellowing.
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  6. Thank you, I should have mentioned that I tested the PH of the distilled and adjusted it to 6.5. I also used purified and spring water. I used the same water on all of my autoflowers, this is the only seedling with a problem.
  8. Thank you! I am using (1) 1000 watt Samsung LED. It is about 25 inches above the plants. I am using the same soil mixture and water on all of my seedlings, however this is the only one having problems.


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  9. Nice to see her!
    Ok no light burn. Looks over watered a bit and Some plants are more sensible,and some are more tolerant, this goes for nutrients, light, or anything. She might be more sensible to your rich soil as well.
    If she is growing at the same paste as the others, just be more careful with her. As plant grows and roots establishes it will become easier. But if the others are a few nodes taller, or if she gets to much behind, I would put it in compost and just have more space for the rest of the crop. More space, less plant density, but also more light penetration, less larf, better quality.
  10. Thank you for your response, actually, she is was growing faster than the others but now they are starting to catch up. She is the only one that has yellow spots, the others look fine.
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