Yellow and drying leaves.

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  1. Been trying my best to diagnose the problem my plant is having. this plant is about a month old. It's in my closet with a 400 watt HPS. The temp in closet goes up max to around 80 F. Humidity is around 31% to around 45%. I am not sure what the PH is at the moment, I ordered a digital ph meter should be here sometime this week. Also been using Peter's fertilizer 21-7-7. I also have Peter's 20-20-20 but have not used it yet. Almost ready to throw in the towel. Have spent a whole bunch of money and I can't seem to get this right. I didn't realize this was so hard to get right. Anyway's here are some pics of the plant.

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  2. although overwatering can cause the yellowing of the older fan leaves, I also see
    the leaves of some are awfull dark green and dull the leaves also have "the claw" look, both of which are symptoms of nitrogen toxicity, this may also account for the necrotic patches on some of the older fan leaves.

    I know the ferts werent PH balanced and may have caused a ph issues as I see a few of the stalks are purple which maybe an indication of phosphorus aswell

    another thing that needs to be addressed after your pen arrives and you can complete a soil PH runoff test, thats a tall plant and your pots only 1/2 full of soil, compacted roots/rootbound can also cause leaf curl & yellowing
    if you didnt order calibrating solutions for your pen, you have another wait, you can always get a chemical PH test kit from the pet shop aquarium supplies, while you wait and as a backup,

    your ferts 21-7-7. at what strength? as recommended on the box
  3. GG thx for the fast reply. I made a lot of mistakes from day 1. For example when I put the seed in the soil I forgot to mix some perlite in it. Also even though I know to use 1/2 strenght fertilizer I messed up and used full strenght which was 1 spoon per gallon. I'm starting to wonder if maybe I should just scrap this plant and try again from the start. I did buy that PH kit they sell at the pet store. Gonna run a PH test on the water I been using. I will throw away the fert mix I did cause it's too strong. Im still waiting on the digi ph meter to get to me. Anything I can do in the meantime? Cool site you have there btw. Thanks.
  4. Hey 420 I went to Ebay and got it from there. Just typed Peter's 20-20-20. Let me know if you need the link of the seller.
  5. Ok I ran a PH test with the PH kit on the water I was giving the plant (Just water) and the PH came up pretty high 7.6. I tried looking for PH down at the store but didn't see it. I will go again and see if I can find it. A ? for you. Since the soil has no perlite will I kill the plant by flushing with water to test the PH of the run off water? Thanks again.
  6. the perilte is only to break up the soil , hold a little oxygen & water, no worries

    get PH up & ph down from hydro shop or on ebay, they are essential

    go ahead & run the ph runoff test and use vinegar to lower the PH to the optimum 6.5 -6.8 zone before the test
  7. K thx again. I will order the PH up & down on ebay since we don't have any hydro stores near. So to do the ph runoff test I just do as you explain on your video?
  8. yes

    ph correct the test water ....take a reading........flood the pot, till water runs out the bottom.........catch the water and take a reading of the ph of the run off water

    post both the PH readings

    part of your issues were your tap water the ph is too high & must be corrected before watering......
    everything that goes in your pots MUST be ph corrected to 6.5 -6.8ph

    NO NO NO.....that plant is in good shape!!! compared to some just a little under the weather, & we will sort that out shortly..... we already have found part of the problem
  9. Was also gonna ask, When I do my 1/2 strenght fertilizer mix do I need to take a ph reading and use the corresponding ph formula to bring to 6.5 to 6.8 before adding to plant correct? Thanks.
  10. use straight tap water, its alkaline.... let it sit for 24hr to dissapate the chlorine ....mix your ferts....then take your ph reading.....and use PH up or down to correct to 6.5-6.8 optimum zone before feeding the plants
  11. K thx again GG. I will post the PH of the runoff water as soon as I get the PH down that I need.
  12. you can use vinegar for this emergency to lower the ph, but Ph down from then on it better for the plants
  13. How much vinegar you suggest I put in a 5 gallon bucket if the PH reading is at 7.6? My PH up and down will arrive on tuesday. I got my digi PH pen today but it only came with PH 4 fluid I think. But I still have the PH test kit I got from WalMart. I will order the calibrating fluid on Friday, When I have more funds. Thanks again.
  14. add a bit test the ph add more till you get it 6.5-6.8

    for 7.6ph if I recall, try 10 -12 drops per gallon test and see though, fuzzy memory
  15. Hi, sensemillaman,and everyone else here!I'm new here but I thought you should also know about baking soda. If it's an emergency and you don't have ph up,you can use baking soda to raise the ph of your ferts, if they get too acidic or you add too much vinegar.
  16. Thanks all for your help, I gave up though. It seemed that no matter what I did the plant just kept gettin worse. So I ripped it out of the pot and threw in trash. Might sell all the stuff I bought on ebay or something.
  17. Hey GG. I might start again. But this time I want to do this right. The soil that I was using is Miracle Grow. Is this soil not good for growing? I heard of FoxFarm, But they have diff. types of soil. Which would you recommend? Ohh btw I saw your vid on the honey oil. I grabbed the plant from the trash and made some lol. It was pretty good. Thanks.
  18. glad to hear you could make use of the video

    fox farms ocean forest is good soil or Black Gold

    if your starting from seedlings fill your pots and flush them & flush them well!!, while your waiting for germination

    todays soils are all pre ferted, then after 3-4 weeks you can transplant to the bag soil without flushing it
  19. Thanks for the quick reply. So when I get the soil I need to flush with 6.8 ph water and collect the run off and test again to make sure it is at 6.8 correct? Then 3 to 4 weeks later when I transplant I don't need to flush correct? Thanks.

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