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  1. What's up GC, this is my first post. I'm from Arizona, and I am just starting up college. Came across this site a while ago, and I enjoy reading the threads.

    Here is a pic after a hard day

  2. Is that a Big Kahuna Burger?

    Mind if I try a bite?

    You mind if I have some of your tasty beverage to wash this down?
  3. ratatat is ill! looks delicious also lol.
  4. first post & its awesome that picture makes me know you are on prepared person
  5. you got the right idea sonny, cheers:smoking:

    p.s. from the thumbnail i thought you posted your dentures with ur weed...i was like wtf?

    p.s.s. is that a pill bottle on ur lighter? thats awesome if it is
  6. Hah, thanks for the replies. It's In & Out Burger, it's a west coast thing. And that is a beer glass on my lighter, they had no regular color bics at the gas station :confused:
    Yah anyways, Ratatat is what I listen to when sessioning usually
  7. man..yeah a west coast thing.. all west coast cept for here.:(

    whateverr dude i got DICKS yadadamayne :smoking::smoking:
  8. Hah, I guess Lower West Coast :)
  9. mmmmmm

    carl's junior
  10. dude.. that picture just got me in the mood for gettin the munchies..

    whered you get that burger from, anyway? in the words of samuel l. jackson, that looks like a tasty fuckin burger.

    hahahaha, you got the same TV as me, by the way.. its a small world, huh? in fact, that looks like my living room, too.. creepy. :bolt:
  11. Now that's a tasty burger!

    Do you know what they call a big mac in Amsterdam?

  12. a royal with cheese

    btw it's france in da movie ya silly
  13. Mind I askin which college you attend in AZ?
  14. Big kahuna burgers? Those are real? I want!

    Welcome! Nice pics.
  15. Hey Too Eazzy!

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