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  1. so i just remembered today about an incident that happened around 11pm last friday. i was so high i completely forgot, but this shit was scary. ill make it pretty detailed cuz im bored and high

    so first take a look at this picture. this is the lot we smoke in.
    SPOT - the spot is behind the long building and no one goes back there.

    C. - this is where we park our cars

    B. this is where we were sitting, but i will get to that later

    A. i will aso get to this later

    so me and my friend come back here around 10:15 to smoke a few bowls at this spot that weve been goin to for a bout a year now. its 2 mins from my house so its easy.

    we start blazin, and we smoke about 5 bowls. we are just trippin out cuz its dark and theres some street lamps and it looks cool. so my friends like, lets go sit on a curb, so we walk over to point B and take a seat.

    we sit there and trip out for a good half an hour or so, just shootin the shit, and then i think i hear somethin. i look over behind me, in the direction of point A, and i think i hear someone walking. after staring at the spot for 10 seconds or so, i see someone walking with a flash light, and right as i see the silhoette (sp) of the gun in the holster, i know its a cop. i tell my friend, SHIT theres a fucking cop here. right as i tell him, he turns, sees the cop, then he gets up and SPRINTS to his car.

    im thinking, FUCK what r u doing. i get up and start walking. after 2 steps i hear FREEZE!!!! and i get a flashlight right on me, as well as my friend. so i freeze and turn to look at em. then 2 more officers come behind him with flashlights and one with a drug dog! so im like SHIT this is fucked.

    they walk a little closer and say what r u guys doing here, and im so high i dont even no whats going on. i say we are just hangin out here. thats all i could think of. and to turn the attention away from me, i start to question them as if i had a right to be there and they were invading my place LOL. im like, why whats up?

    and then he says, have you guys seen anyone come through here? and i say, no we havent seen anyone, why whats going on? ( all the while my friend is trying to inch his way away from the dog cuz he has an 1/8 in his pocket) the officer says tehy are looking for an escaped parolee whos on the run. and im like oh shit, thats scary stuff. and then they say you guys better get out of here, and we comply and head to our cars.

    the cops continue to move through the parking lot to the back and head down a trail. we get in our cars, nearly shitting ourselves, and we head toward the exit. we get to the exit and its blocked by three cop cars, FUCK. so we park near the exit and had to wait 45 minutes for them to come back and move their cars. we just sat on the curb there and tripped out again haha.

    luckily they didnt care to fuck with us, cuz i had 2 small brown paper bags of weed in the car, one had an 1/8 and one had a quarter, and the quarter was labeled "Tommy" cuz i had picked it up from my friend tommys dealer and was gunna bring it to him the next day. i beleive if you have 2 seperate bags of weed, especially labeled ones, tehy can get you with possession with intent to sell. so all in all, i got away without any trouble, but boy was i shitting my pants.

    the end
  2. Good story, but I don't believe that was a drug dog. It was a dog they were using to find the escapee. If it were a drug dog it would have smelt that skunky 1/8 right away.
  3. Yeah man, no way that was a drug dog.
  4. ^agreed, but police dogs aren't something to fuck with anyhow

    a tip, from someone who's been in too many lucky situations not quite as serious as your encounter, but enough...

    just roll up some doobs... burn the shit up, don't hold on to the roaches... don't carry your shit to your spot... i've realized a doob is the easiest way to escape a potentially bad situation
  5. Joints are good in that way: they leave no evidence other than the roach, which can be easily discarded, albeit at the expense the chance to get high later or roll some second generation dubs or whatever. Personally, I hate joints, but that doesn't prevent me from seeing their benefit when smoking away from home.

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