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    Hey, anyone out there listening to his newest album? It's pretty sick. My favorite songs on the album are "Let's Roll", "Throw It Up", "Animal" and a few others. I really like this album only 3 songs that I wouldn't give 2 thumbs up. :wave:

    Some of my favorites from the other album are "That's What We On Now", "I Just Wanna Party", "Box Chevy".

    Post your favorite songs or whatever you want. Also looking for some discussion on the album!

  2. [ame=]Yelawolf - Daddy's Lambo - YouTube[/ame]

    Love yela
  3. Don't make me go pop thetrunk.. onYoUUUUUUUUUUU
  4. His new album is cool but not as good as trunk muzik :) I went to his concert last month and it was fucking legit.
  5. ^ agreed. TRUNK MUSIK
  6. Can't listen to him, his voice kills it for me.
  7. I like him a lot, best hip hop in the mainstream I've head in a lonnng time
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    That's interesting to hear, I personally really like his voice. I really dig Trunk Muzik but I like this album more.

    Really diggin "Radio" and "The Last Song". The lyrics are pretty fucking sick all round on this album, if you really dig Yelawolf you should tell me what else you listen to! I'd like to hear from you all and maybe find something new for me to listen to!

    - Dylan

    p.s. I love this song, awesome first verse.

  9. pop the trunk and billy crystal are some pump songs
  10. the hook of animal is by far one of the best arrangements i heard the last weeks, the song in general is the shit!

    the whole album is 8/10 for me... i dont hate any track on it, but some (the chilly ones are just too chilly for me but they are still nice songs) worth the 12€ I paid for the deluxe edition
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    hes amazing live and high for real he has alot of skill hes a good mc but his songs on youtube sound shit
  12. yeah you really need his tracks in good quality... or are you trying to say something different?^^
  13. pretty much all music on youtube sounds like shit....
  14. yelawolf ftw! NOW THROW IT UP!!
  15. i don't really listen to him, but my buddy who makes jewelry actually chilled on his crazy fuckin dope tour bus with him. he knows her through fefe dobson (remember that bitch?! they went to high school together and she is dating yela), he drew up some designs for him and he liked them so my buddy is going to be making yela's bling soon

    he told me it was something to do with a deer, since yela is a redneck at heart lol. so watch out for that shit if you think im trolling
  16. never liked daddy's lambo or yela really at all. heard the lambo track at my dude's party while i was melted and i would say it changed my mind on the dude. bass was fuckin thumpin!
  17. It's crazy how much he changed his style from creek water to trunk muzik
  18. I just went to his show couple months ago and my Boy opened up with him, and Yela liked him so much had him come on stage with him to throw down some verses.
  19. up in cle? one of my dudes opened for him. dacko if you are familiar.
  20. haha yea, that soundmushroom? Awsome to see another person on that ohigho level.

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