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  1. Hey sorry for posting this, Im sure there has been a lot of posts here that ask this but I have seen so many different answers I didnt know what to go on.

    Basicly lets say i was a proffesional grower and I growed indoors under the right lights, used the right nutes etc. What could I expect to harvest from each plant?

    I have heard things from like around an ounce up to a pound per plant.. wtf? And if you could make a plant produce a pound, how?

    Thanks guys :)
  2. The hardcore growers tend to hang out in the growing section of the site, so your question will probably get answered faster there
  3. I'm no hardcore grower. But from basic knowledge and browsing the net it seems that the strain alone could provide for a pretty wide range of yield. I'm also pretty sure that whether you use hydro/soil/rockmedium it could also broaden the range of yield. So there is not really a set yield you can expect definetly. Seedbanks tend to have a good approximation of what yield size you can expect.

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