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  1. hi gc
    just seeing if any one could let me know want size yeild i should be inspecting?
    i have a couple of white widows and they are about 33" tall and have about 3-4weeks left in veg.
    just seeing if any one could give me a rough idea?
    thanks allan :smoking:
  2. 2oz per plant, just a guess, yeilds are hard to predict
  3. i thought it was usually around 3 - 5 oz a plant, depending on the atmosphere of course and how much of a green thumb you have. methods like LST improve yield big time so if you have the experience try it out!
  4. ive tried all the growing methods (lst, sog, srog, etc), & the most i ever got off 1 plant was 2 1/4oz, sure ive got a 1/2lb b4 but that was wet weight.
  5. also my plants are getting a bit big for my grow room. if i top them will there still grow outwards get (bushier)? and would i get more or less bub sites?
  6. the plant will probably double in height when you go to flower so if your running out of space, in veg, are you taking into consideration the double in height, or just running out of space period. and yes if your running out of space you can either top, or scrog them.

  7. He's asking for are advice on what his yield will be, lucky to get 2 oz's his first run, whatever you get be happy its free smoke and you grew it. :D
  8. never count your eggs before they hatch...
    look for a yeild between 3 grams and 600 grams...
    an ounce is average... I have heard the urban legend of plants yeilding over two pounds...
  9. depending on how you grow, how long you let them veg, etc.. ive seen 1.5 lbs come off one plant.
  10. if i top the plant doesn't the new branch's still grow in hight? i still have abit of room but i'm thinking about the growth in flowering.
  11. yes, the two shoots below where you topped will become 2 separate tops. i flowered mine when they were about 9 inches tall and now i got one standing 3 feet tall. they grow huge.

    however, mine are just bagseed and it all really depends on the plants genetics.
  12. like he said, when you top, it sends more shoots out, sounds to me like you need to scrog
  13. thanks for your help gc
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