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    hey guys here's my very first grow setup attempt.I used myold pc and fully designed the inside myself.I was just wonderingwhat the max yeild my plant could have in here. I am also going to install a rack so it can grow along it.Also I will hve more room when I switch to my flowering lights because they are about 1/3 the length of the cfl's I am using for veg...soo what you guys think????did you guys start small like this?[​IMG]
    I am going to install my intake fan in the right of the picture you can see its the place tht I purposely ignored to insulate with mylar
  2. Your picture Isn't there ? ... U might want to re upload the IMG link , So we can see what your growing In :wave:
  3. most ive ever gotten was 24 grams dried off a northern lights with 156 total watts vegging for a week.
  4. most i got in a pc case was 24 grams dried northern lights
  5. so you vegged for a week? How tall was the plant when you whiched to 12/12?

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