yeild question for ,woody,sid,vataloco,uniot,any of the mods who wanna help me :)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by charlie067, May 1, 2003.

  1. ok i have asked this question befor but i must refine a few things befor i take what was told to me 2 heart
    ok here it is
    im growing 10 top44's under 400watt hps and 120 watts of floro side lighting each plant will be in 5gal buckets with exelent drain holes drilled em my self :)im going out to buy 50gal of rose soil to fill every bucket im buying a ph tester kit and im getting the 2 best ferts in the hemp shop when i get me seeds i want to know with 400watt hps and 120watt of flo's all plants in 5gal buckets can i still only expect 1 oz from each plant i would realy like to know if i might be able to get around 2 or 3 oz per plant even if its only 2 its better than 1 u know what i mean but i was going to grow the girls in 3gal pots but i changed my mind because i thought the bigger the roots the bigger the budds right so will this get me about 2 oz or more per plant or do i have to invest in more light if so im fucked not allowed to use any more than 520watts my dad dont the power bill anyhigher pkz reply to question woody,sid,vataloco,or uniot plz and anyone else in the city who knows
  2. HIGH All, the Top44 is a bushy plant with a lot of bud sites...I couldn't see why you wouldn't get a least two oz's O.F.F.F. a plant.
    10 plants is a bit much for a 400w but you have to consider some will be males (if they are from seed).
    The thing with growing inside you feed the plant what it I'd deepsix the rose soil and if you can get some Sunshine Mix #4. (it's the only thing we use up here on The WET Coast) It has no ferts in it, just a excellent medium for young and old plants.
    I too believe the bigger the roots the bigger the plant...I just potted up one WWC+ to a 5 gal bucket and I can see her growing *LOL*.

    Opps forgot to asak what kind of fert you'll be useing organic or chemicals?
  3. ok thank u woody and unoit:)
    #1.heres a few more questtions for ya where can i get the sunshine mix #4?could i find it in walmart or something i live in canada how much u think it would run me for 50gal of it?

    #2.and as for the ferts im realy not sure what the dif is between organic and chemicals is organic fert like a powder that u mix with water?and is chemical fert the stuff that is alrdy liquad?im not to sure about this all i know is for veg i need something like 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 right?and for flowering i need something high in NPK i think?maybe im not sure but the flowering fert has to be like 10-52-10 or 10-60-10 right?

    #2.for the last grow i did u know the one where i posted my pics i used 10-15-10 shulchz plant food for veg its liquad form u put it in water and i used 10-52-10 plant prod. for flowering it is powder u mix it with water to

    #3.and the seeds im buying r feminized what r the chances of me getting males or herms ?

    #4.oh and how long should i let them veg for?
  4. plz replay a.s.a,p or when ever is convinyent for u thank u guys :)
  5. #3 Ask froggy he loves the ferminised seeds and is an expert in the hermie froggy i know ya hate em) .....Peace out.....Sid

    #4 depends how big you want them to be......and how long you have, i take it if you have top 44 them you want them to be done quickly......i trigger at 12" and they usually end up approx 26-30"........
  6. HIGH All, you should be able to get a 3.8 cu.ft bale at any nursery or garden center....Canadian Tire's garden center comes to mind. A bale will fill 52 1gal pots.

    Here's what I use for the girls in the Mix I use the Grow Big for 18/6 and Big Bloom for 12/12. They are a great product and recommend it to All who grow organically and it is a liquid.

    For my Bubble Buckets I use a Inorganic powder "A" "B" "C". It's a three part nutrient formula "A" and "C" for grow and "A" and "B" for Budding. It Also comes in a liguid.

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