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  1. plant has been topped using ffof and basic grow nutes its 3.5 feet tall auto flower under 18/6 but soon to be switched to 12/12 because i managed to have all photo periods except one random auto freebie seed i got not knowing it was a autoflowerig seed .

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  2. i'm guessing about 3 ounces or more! but don't lower the light schedule if it's an autoflower, cuz you might lose in yield!

    HAPPY GROWING! :smoke:
  3. Is it one of those semi auto's I've been hearing about? I've never seen an auto that could get topped and be that big. But I'm admittedly no autoflower expert.
  4. its an auto flowering seed its diavolo 2 i thought it was a photo period plant but when it started matureing and getting hairy i looked it up and its a full fledge auto. i didnt eeven know they had semi auto flowering seeds
  5. Edit: Nevermind, I derped.
  6. I didn't either until a couple days ago. Learn somethin new everyday.
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    Can you please explain? I just found out not too long ago that we had autos. Lol
  8. how old is it ?

    ps 3 oz looks about right

  9. 1 month and 3 weeks about and 3 ounces would be awesome I was thinking alot less.

  10. So whats the purpose of a semi auto flowering seed what's that even mean what light schedule would you grow that under?
  11. How much light is it under?
  12. Autos grow under 18/6 light schedule. Don't do 12/12. You will stunt auto flowers. There great plants because of less care needed and ease of growing

  13. Autoflowrong seeds can be grown under 24 hours of light for around 20 days then you can lower lighting to 20/4 or 18/6 and they start to flower usually finishing around 7 weeks. Or atleast that's what I know
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    I know that. But i wanna know about semi autos. But thanks for answering!
  15. the auto was under 400 watt metal halide conversion bulb. just switched today to 1000 watt hps
  16. oh haha thats what i wanted to know to
  17. how long would it stunt it for.
  18. Autos will flower with 24 hours of light so by using 12 your robbing it of half the light it could be using.
  19. I dunno that much about autos, but w/ that 1000w you should get a good amount.
  20. im trying to hold back from switching cause Myplants are getting huge in veg! I'm going to be dealing with 6 foot photos hopefully I have enough closet space lol

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